1892 George Batten's Directory of the Religious Press of the United States

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1892 George Batten's Directory of the Religious Press of the United States George Batten was a "newspaper advertising agent" at the Porter Building on 28 Park Row, New York. This volume was printed by the Brandt Press of Trenton, New Jersey. It is presently unknown whether this was a first edition, or one of many. It is thought that some of the "Plymouth Brethren" figures may refer to other types of "Brethren", and presumably at least refers to both Exclusive and Open Brethren.

There was estimated to be 2,279 in Plymouth Brethren church membership across the U.S. in 1892. It showed a table of 23 of the religious bodies of "greater importance" out of 140 possible. There was also said to be nine religious papers of the time from PB sources. Non-denom and/or Evangelical periodicals included also. The numbers next to the states denote how many PB in 1892.


Little Rock

  • Hope: "Evangelical": monthly, 8 pp., 9x12 in., sub. $0.50/yr; est. 1886; Miss J.P. Moore, ed. and pub. No ads.
  • Light: "Undenom.": monthly, 16 pp., 6x10 in., sub. $0.50/yr; circ: 1,000 dist. local; est. 1891; Robert E. Wait, ed. Geo. B. McLaughlin, pub.


  • The Gospel Echo: "Evangelical": monthly, 8 pp., 9x13 in., sub. $0.50/yr; est. 1891; R.H. Howard, ed. and pub.

California 49 PB


  • The Bible Students' Library: "Undenom.": monthly, 32 pp., sub. $0.50/yr; circ: 12,640; dist. general;
  • Eusebia: "Undenom.": monthly, 32 pp., 3 1/2 x 6 in., sub. $1.00/yr; circ. 1,000; dist. scattered; est. 1889; Wm. L. Stroud, ed. Eusebia Pub. Co., publishers, 328 Prospect Ave.

San Francisco

  • Am Stillen Meer: "Undenom.": monthly, 8 pp., 15x22 in., sub. $0.75/yr; circ: 2,400; dist. local; est. 1886; George Guth, ed. and pub., 728 Broadway.
  • Harmony: "Undenom.": monthly, 20 pp., 7x10 in., sub. $1.50/yr; circ refused; est. 1888; Mrs. M.E. Cramer, ed. and pub., 324 Seventeenth St.



  • Denver's Young Men: "Undenom.": monthly, 16 pp., 6x9 in., illustrated; sub. $0.50/yr; circ: 5,000; dist. chiefly local; est. 1886; G.K. Shurtleft, ed.; Carson, Hurst & Harper, pub., Lawrence St.
  • The People: "Undenom.": weekly, 8 pp., 15x22 in., illustrated; sub. $1/yr; circ: 1,000; dist. chiefly local; est. 1891; Hilton & Paddock, ed. and pub., 1834 Lawrence St.


  • La Hermandad (Spanish): "Evangelical": monthly, 4 pp., 16x22 in., sub. $0.50/yr; circ: 1,250; dist. local and in places adjacent; est. 1889; Alex. M. Darley, ed. and pub., 413 W. Twelfth St.



  • Biblia: "Undenom.": monthly; 60 pp., 6x9 in., illustrated; sub. $1/yr; circ: 1,800; dist. general; est. 1888; Charles H.S. Davis, M.D. Ph.D., ed.; Biblia Publishing Co., pub.


  • The Summit: "Undenom.": monthly; 4 pp., 8x11 in., sub. $0.25/yr; circ: 300; dist. local; est. 1886; F.B. Catlin, ed. and pub., 3 Lewis St.

Delaware 44 PB

Florida 75

Georgia 17

Illinois 158 PB


  • The Gospel Sword: "Undenom.": monthly; 4 pp., 11x16 in., sub. $0.50/yr; circ: 1,000; dist. local; est. 1890; J.C. Fisher, ed. and pub., 269 W. Kinzie St.
  • The Illustrator: "Undenom.": monthly; 40-48 pp., 6x9", sub. $0.60/yr; circ: 12,500; dist. general; est. 1883; Fleming H. Revell Co., ed. and pub.
  • The Messenger: "Undenom.": fortnightly; 8 pp., 10x14", illustrated; sub. $0.75/yr; circ: 2,000; dist. local; Mission Publishing House, ed. and pub., 780 South Halsted St.
  • The Old and New Testament Student: "Undenom.": monthly; 62 pp., 6x9", sub. $1.50/yr; circ: 5,000; dist. scattered; est. 1882; William R. Harper, D.D., ed.; Student Publishing Co., publishers, 1212 Chamber of Commerce Building;
  • The Record of Christian Work: "Undenom.": monthly; 36 pp., 6x9", illustrated; sub. $0.50/yr; Circ: 15,000; dist. general; est. 1883; Fleming H. Revell Co., ed. and pub., 148 Madison St.
  • Truth: "Undenom": monthly; 64 pp., 5 3/4 x 8 1/2 in., illustrated; sub. $1/yr; circ: 3,500; dist. scattered; est. 1875; Rev. J.H. Brookes, D.D., ed.; The Gospel Publishing Co., pub., 83 Fifth Ave.

Indiana 14 PB

Fort Wayne

  • The Gospel Tidings: "Undenom.": monthly; 4 pp., 11x16", sub. $0.25/yr; circ: 3,000; dist. chiefly local; est. 1890; A.R. Wheeler, ed.; Gospel Tidings Pub. Co.

Haw Patch

  • Gospel Exhortation and Reproof: "Undenom.": monthly; 4 pp., 7x10"; sub. $0.25/yr; circ: 1,200; dist. chiefly local; est. 1889; Thomas H. Low, ed. and pub., 21 E. Mill St.


  • The Ram's Horn: "Undenom.": weekly; 16 pp., 9x13", illustrated; sub. $1.50/yr; circ: 10,000; dist. general; est. 1890; Rev. Elijah P. Brown, ed.; D.H. Ranck Pub. Co., 66 1/2 N. Penn St.


  • The Battle-Ground Repository: "Undenom.": monthly; 8 pp., 8 pp., 10x14", illus., sub. $0.50/yr., circ: 1,500; dist. chiefly local; est. 1887; George B. Chamberlin, ed. and pub.

Indian Territory


  • Our Brother In Red: "Methodist": weekly; 8 pp., 13x20", sub. $1.25/yr., circ: 1,987; dist. chiefly local; est. 1882; Rev. F.M. Moore, ed. Brother-In-Red Pub. Co.


  • The Creek Globe: "Baptist": weekly; 4 pp., sub. $1/yr., circ: 300; dist. local; est. 1892; J.T. Overton, ed. and pub.

Iowa 163 PB

Cedar Rapids

  • The Sunday School Missionary: "Undenom.": monthly; 8 pp., 12x16"; illustrated; sub. $0.10/yr., circ: 25,000; dist. in the Northwest; est. 1875; E.B. Stevenson, ed. and pub.

Des Moines

  • The Parish Outlook: "Plymouth Brethren": monthly; 4 pages; 13x20 inches; subscription; 50 cents a year; circulation: 1,300; distribution chiefly in Western Iowa; est. 1888; Miller & Snoke, editors and publishers, 215 Sixth St.


  • The People's Union Mission: "Undenom.": monthly; 4 pp., sub. $0.35/yr., circ: 6,000; est. 1887; A.H. Mertz, ed. and pub.


  • Glad Tidings: "Christian": monthly; 4 pp., 13x20", sub. $0.35/yr., est. 1888; R.R. Hanley, ed. and pub. No ads.


  • The Brethren Evangelist: "Plymouth Brethren": weekly; 8 pp., 11x17"; sub. $1.50/yr., circ: 1,700; dist.
scattered; est. 1879; H.R. Holsinger, ed., Brethren Publishing Co.,

Kansas 6 PB


  • The Evangelical Visitor: "Plymouth Brethren": fortnightly; 16 pp., 9x12", sub. $1/yr., circ: 1,700; dist. scattered; est. 1887; Henry Davidson, ed. and pub.


  • The Kansas Christian: "Unsectarian": weekly; 8 pp., 11x16", sub. $0.50/yr., dist. local; est. 1891; William H. Redwine, ed. and pub.

Kentucky 3 PB


  • The Evangelist: "Evangelical": monthly; 8 pp., sub. $0.50/yr., dist. local; est. 1892; G.W. Ford, ed. and pub.

Maine 3 PB


  • The Agitator: "Undenom.": monthly; 4 pp., 9x12", illustrated; sub. $0.25/yr., circ: 1,500; dist. local; est. 1888; Henry L. Peabody, ed. and pub., 131 Water St.


  • The Visitor: "Evangelical": monthly; 4 pp., 12x16", sub. $0.25/yr., circ: 300; dist. local; est. 1891; D.B. Bow, ed. and pub.

Maryland 24 PB

Massachusetts 189


  • The Watchword: "Undenom." monthly; 32 pp., 8x10", sub. $1/yr., circ: 2,850; dist. scattered; est. 1878; A.J. Gordon, D.D., ed.; The Watchword Pub. Co., 120 Tremont St.
    • A.J. Gordon founded what is now Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, initially as a Baptist missionary training school.

South Framingham

  • Field and Work: "Evangelical": monthly; 12 pp., 6x9", sub. $0.50/yr., est. 1883; C. Crain, ed. and pub.
  • Goodly Portions: "Evangelical": monthly; 12 pp., 6x9", sub. $0.50/yr., est. 1888; B.C. Greenman, ed. C. Crain, pub.
  • The Shepherd's Voice: "Evangelical: monthly; 12 pp., 9x12", sub. $0.50/yr., est. 1890; C. Crain, ed. and pub.

Michigan 192 PB

Oakdale Park

  • The Way of Truth: "Undenom.": monthly; 16 pp., 6x8", sub. $0.50/yr., circ: 2,000; dist. general; est. 1889; E.D. Gifford, ed. and pub.

Minnesota 243 PB

Missouri 151 PB

St. Louis

  • Bible Truth: "Evangelical": monthly; 8 pp., 10x14", sub. $1/yr., circ: 2,200; est. 1889; William Nichols, ed.; Mrs. M.B. Woodward, 33 S. Fifteenth St. No ads.

Nebraska 9 PB

New Hampshire 15 PB


  • The Christian Reporter: "Undenom.": monthly; 48 pp., 6x10", sub. $1/yr., est. 1891; Rev. A.J. Wheeler, ed. and pub.

New Jersey 213 PB

New York 484 PB


  • The Christian at Work: "Independent": weekly; 32-40 pp., 9x14", illustrated; sub. $3/yr., circ: 25,000; dist. general; est. 1866; J.N. Hallock, Times Building.
  • The Independent": "Undenom.": 32-44 pp., 11x16", sub. $3/yr., circ: 20,000; dist. general; est. 1848; William Hayes Ward, D.D., L.L.D., ed. Henry C. Bowen, pub., 252 Broadway.
  • The Medical Missionary Record: "Undenom.": monthly; 32 pp., 7x10", illustrated; sub. $1/yr., circ: 2,000; dist. general; est. 1886; George D. Dowkontt, M.D., ed. and pub., 118 E. 45th St.

North Carolina 3 PB

Ohio 5 PB


  • The Christian Press: "Undenom.": monthly; 8 pp., 11x16", sub. $0.30/yr., circ: 7,000; dist. chiefly in the states adjacent; est. 1852; A. Ritchie, ed., Western Tract Society, 176 Elm St.

Dayton Grace Brethren?

  • The Christian Conservator: "Plymouth Brethren": weekly; 8 pp., 13x19", sub. $1/yr., circ: 5,300; about 2/3 in Ohio; est. 1885; Rev. William Dillon, D.D., ed. Milton Wright, pub., 7 Hawthorn St.
  • Der Froeliche Botschafter: "Plymouth Brethren": weekly; 8 pp., 14x18", sub. $1.65/yr., circ: 1,300; dist. in the Central West; est. 1846; Rev. William Miltendort, ed. W.J. Shiny, pub.
  • Our Bible Lesson Quarterly: "Plymouth Brethren": quarterly; 32 pp., 6x9", sub. $0.12/yr., circ: 125,000; dist. general; est. 1878; Rev. W.J. Shiny, ed. and pub.
  • Our Bible Teacher: "Plymouth Brethren": monthly; 32 pp., 6x9", sub. $0.60/yr., circ: 6,000; dist. scattered; est. 1873; Rev. D. Berger, D.D., ed. Rev. W.J. Shiny, pub.
  • The Religious Telescope: "Plymouth Brethren": weekly; 16 pp., 13x18", sub. $2/yr., circ: 12,000; dist. in the Central West; est. 1834. Rev. I.L. Kephart, D.D., and others; W.J. Shiny, pub.
  • Woman's Evangel: "Plymouth Brethren": monthly; 16 pp., 8x11", illustrated occasionally; sub. $0.50/yr., circ: 4,000; dist. scattered; est. 1882; Mrs. L.R. Keister, ed. and pub.

Pennsylvania 164 PB


  • The Gospel Trumpet: "Undenom.": monthly; 4 pp., 11x15", sub. $0.25/yr., circ: 3,000; dist. chiefly local; est. 1879; H.J. Ankermann, etc. Railroad Men's Christian Association.


  • Words of Faith: "Undenom.": monthly; 16 pp., 7x10", sub. $0.50/yr., circ: 900; dist. local; est. 1874; G.W. McCalla, ed. and pub., 18th & Ridge Sts.

Texas 6 PB

Vermont 19 PB

Virginia 163 PB


  • The Bible Reader: "Undenom.": monthly; 16 pp., 9x13", sub. $0.25/yr., circ: 20,000; dist. general; est. 1891; Edward L. Pell, ed. and pub., 1009 E. Main St.

Washington 19 PB