1947 Gospel Messengers

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May 8, 1947 Centerville, IA:


In Bible days it is reported that Disciples and Apostles went about the country preaching and teaching in all villages and towns. Turning back through the ages to adopt this custom of Bible times, David Lawrence of the Centerville Gospel Hall, is now leading a pilgrimage that will call at 96 villages and towns in a ministry tour.

The original apostles went on foot and found lodging with those to whom they preached. The present day apostles are different in that they will travel by auto equipped with loudspeakers and will also have trailer accommodations. The purpose of the apostles of old and the twentieth century apostles is the same however, and both find their commission in the words of Christ: “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

These present day apostles will travel through the states of Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. The itinerary will bring the gospel messengers to Centerville June 7-8.
The company of evangelists and singers are travelling in an automotive caravan with trailer lodgings, equipped with public address system and preaching platform. They expect to hold many of their daily meetings in the open air. On this tour they expect to reach many who do not attend church services.

Co-founders and leaders of the tours are David Lawrence of Centerville, Iowa, and Arthur B. Rodgers of Omaha, Nebraska. David Lawrence was one of the first Pilgrim Preachers of the British Isles and compiled the chorus book used on those famous annual tours. Arthur Rodgers was director during World War II of the Christian Canteen of Kansas City, Missouri. Both are experienced Bible teachers and evangelists. Both are veterans of World War I, and other members of the party are veterans of the recent war.

In addition to the seven evangelists starting the tour there will be others joining the Messengers from month to month. A male quartet is included in the party. Beside their open air program of song and brief gospel talks with occasional indoor meetings, the Gospel Messengers propose to canvass each community with Christian literature.
Others in the party are:

  • Albert Orcutt (Washington, IA)
  • Karl Pfaff (Louisville, KY)
  • George Leest (Los Angeles, CA)
  • William Morgan (Los Angeles, CA)
  • George Dvorshak (Duluth, MN)
  • James Halliday, Jr. (Brooklyn, NY)