1947 Index - The Word

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"The following index is for the convenience of those who have kept every issue for 1947." Richard Edwin Burson in reference to The Word devotional. Eventually hope to make all of these articles readable, as made available.

  • "After Forty Years" by Samuel Ridout
  • "Alone"
  • "Bible Answers to your Questions"
  • "Christ In The House"
  • "A Christian Wife's Deportment" by George Muller
  • "Church Conduct" by George Muller
  • "The Church and Churches" by John Ritchie
  • "Clerisy: Its Origin, Development, etc." by William Lincoln
  • "Confession of Sin" by Joseph Caryl
  • "Correspondence"
  • "Dependence" by James Butler Stoney
  • "Faith"
  • "First Samuel"
  • "Galilee, the Trysting Place" - by W.J. McClure
  • "Gleanings"
  • "God's Desire For His People To Assemble"
  • "The Grain of Wheat" - by William Roberston
  • "The Great Winepress of the Wrath of God"
  • "Greatness of Love"
  • "I Am The Way" by J.G. Bellett
  • "John 3:16 in Poetry" by Barbara C. Ryberg
  • "A Little Member" by J.E. Loomis
  • "Names of Jacob's Sons"
  • "Nature, Grace and Glory" by W.J. McClure
  • "Notes From Henry Dyer"
  • "One Pearl of Great Price" by S. Taylor
  • "Only Christians"
  • "Our Mission" by James Butler Stoney
  • "The Pierced One" by H.J. Vine
  • "A Powerful Paradox" by S.L.
  • "A Practical Word" by J.K. McE.
  • "Praise of Men" by John Nelson Darby
  • "Sanctification" by F.E. Marsh
  • "The Spirit of Satan"
  • "A Touching Incident in the Life of John Bunyan"
  • "Transmission of the Pattern" by W.H. Ferguson
  • "Trials and How To Meet Them"
  • "Types of the Cross" by H.B.
  • "Who Changed John?" by Thomas Baird
  • "Whose Son Is He?"