1949 Chicago Annual Missionary Conference

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May 1949 Advertisement in Light and Liberty

"The twenty-eighth annual missionary conference of the Chicago Missionary Study Class will be held, D.V., in Roberts Memorial Gospel Hall, 8600 S. Bishop Street, Chicago, Ill., on Memorial Day, May 30. Meetings will be at 2:30 p.m., and 7:30 p.m. Several missionaries now on furlough are expected to share in the ministry. Mr. Adam Ferguson from South Africa, and Mr. James Kenney from Bolivia having already signified their intention to be present, the Lord willing."

July 1949 Report in Letters of Interest

"A nice company of the Lord's people gathered on Memorial Day in the Roberts Memorial Gospel Hall for the Twenty-Eighth Annual Missionary Conference. The great need of the mission field was brought to the attention of all present by visiting missionaries:

  • M. Hoffman - Yugoslavia
  • R. Carter - Dominican Republic
  • William Gibson - B.W.I.
  • G. Walker - Cuba
  • Adam Ferguson - Natal, South Africa
  • William Maitland - Angola, recently returned gave a short account of the Lord's work there.

The conference was very profitable and will no doubt bear fruit unto God in days yet to come."


  • Letters of Interest: July 1949
  • Light and Liberty: May 1949