2017: Encouragement for Pilgrims from 1st Peter: Raleigh, NC

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Basic Info

Title: 2017 Workers and Elders Conference

Theme: Encouragement for Pilgrims from 1st Peter

Date: October 10-12, 2017

Location: Northridge Bible Chapel, Raleigh, NC  

Primary Sessions

  • Bob Upton: Resemblance We Bear With Peter
  • George Farber: Holiness Begins With a Correct View of God
  • John Gordon: Surrender to the Holy Spirit's Expertise for the Cleaning Moment
  • Warren Henderson: Righteous Behavior in the Midst of Poor Circumstances
  • Sam Thorpe: Honoring Our Spouses for Strong Marriages and Answered Prayer
  • Joe Pratt: Lessons Learned from Suffering: Fear of the Lord and not Man
  • Jack Fish: Shepherding in Light of the Last Words of our Lord To Peter in John 21


  • Jim Comte: "Improving the Prayer Life in the Local Assembly"
  • Mark Kolchin: "How To Handle Criticism"
  • Wendy Phelan: Ladies Seminar: "Loving, Abiding, Obeying"
  • Rich Brown: Leadership: "Training Men"
  • Scott Leach: "Prioritization Issues in Life"
  • Jeff Johnson: "Keeping Young People Involved in the Assembly"