2018: What Difference Does the Fear of the Lord Make: Lawrence, KS

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Basic Info

Title: 2018 Workers and Elders Conference

Theme: What Difference Does The Fear Of The Lord Make?

Date: October 9-11, 2018

Location: Lawrence Bible Chapel, KS

Primary Sessions

  • George Farber: Three Devo Lessons from Job:
        Growing Trust Through the Furnace of Affliction;
  • Bob Brown: Moses - Leading Well When the Sheep Go Astray;
  • John Heller: Jacob - Grace and Holiness in the House of God;
  • Rob Brennan: Joseph - The Fear of the Lord: Source of Vision;
  • Bob Upton: Hannah - Holy Reverence and Answered Prayer;
  • Bob Spender: David - Joyful Triumph Amid Fear and Failure;
  • Oli Jacobsen: Nehemiah - The Servant's Perseverance;
  • Scott DeGroff: Abraham - Faith that Leads to Radical Obedience


  • Maria Forcucci: Ladies Seminar: "Love is a Risk: Stepping out of our comfort zones"
  • Dennis Anderson: "Training to Lead: The Biblical Ministry of Deacons"
  • Phil Boom: "Teaching the Whole Council of God in the Assembly"
  • Ed Anthony: "The Challenge for Small Assemblies: Close? Merge? Grow?"
  • Joe Hawkinson: "Life Changing Hospitality and Visitation for Every Assembly"
  • Mike Thomas: "Loving and Serving Romans 1 People"