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Camp Pinnacle was founded in 1898 as the "Young Women's Bible Training Movement", to create recreational and spiritual challenges for young women, the first summer camp in America founded exclusively for girls.  Harriet Kibbee Christie asked young girls in her Sunday School class if they would like a place to get away for the summer, and by 1909 the camp was serving 800 summer campers.

From this grew a missionary training organization called Albany Bible Institute.  Some early Brethren speakers included Captain Reginald Wallis, Jack Wyrtzen, and family of Hudson Taylor.  Affiliated organizations included Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Sudan Interior Mission, the Navigators.    

1930-1940 Staff Alumni


Bible Teachers

  • Susan Beers (b. 1894 NJ) single Bible teacher
  • Clara L. Buhlig (b. 1875 IL) single Bible teacher
    • father born Germany, mother born NY
  • Sylvia Rushon (b. 1899 NJ) single Bible teacher
  • Tena (or Lena) B. Sjohohn (b. 1872 NY) widowed Bible teacher
    • parents born in Sweden
  • Ida M. Slingerland (b. 1874 NY) widowed Bible teacher
    • husband Cornelius Amasa Slingerland (1881-1966? NY) 
  • Mary C. Stevens (b. 1895 NY) widowed Bible teacher
  • Grace Whitney (b. 1906 NJ) single Bible teacher

Other Teachers

  • Marguerite Karker (b. 1902 NY) single teacher


  • Catherine McMahon (b. 1878 Ireland) single Cook


  • Dorothy Charlotte (b. 1902 NY) single Secretary
  • Claire E. Hottman (b. 1896 PA) single Secretary
    • parents born in Germany


  • Call G. Blongy (b. 1901 NY) single Nurse
  • Olive C. Conklin (b. 1906 NY) single Nurse
  • Helen Davis (b. 1892 Germany) single Nurse
  • Olive F. Marinus-Legg (b. 1905 NJ) single Nurse
  • Vera Walcott (b. 1898 NY) single Nurse


  • Rhoda Armstrong (b. 1892 NY) single Maid
  • Marie G. Bailey (b. 1911 OH) single maid 
    • parents born Italy
  • Katherine E. Brown (b. 1911 NY) single maid
  • Richard Jennings (b. 1878 England) widowed janitor
  • Dorothy O'Neill (b. 1900 PA) single Maid
  • Harriett Snowden (b. 1912 KY) single Maid


  • Elsie H. Baker-Musselman (b. 1910 VA) single student 
  • Esther Butler (b. 1909 Central America) single student
    • father born GA, mother born OH 
  • Marie Ericson (b. 1884 Sweden) single student
  • Florence Jenkins (b. 1882 VT) single student
  • Beatrice E. Jennings (b. 1916 NY) single student
  • Anna May Kennedy (b. 1887 MA) single student
  • Althea Kirk (b. 1849 NY) widowed student
  • Elva McMahon (b. 1912 ND) single student
  • Ruth Ruhl (b. 1912 PA) single student
  • Jean Trout (Tront?) (b. 1911 PA) single student
  • Myrtle Vanauken-Wells (b. 1911 NY) single student
  • Shirley Wood-England (b. 1884 NY) single student


Bible Teachers

  • Harriet Kibbee Christie (b. 1864 in Norwalk, CT, died 1946) widowed President Teacher
  • Mary Agnes Rogers (b. 1894 in MI) single Bible Teacher
    • father born England, mother born Germany
  • Maude F. Van Blarken (b. 1883 in NJ) single Bible Teacher


  • Mary Farrell (b. 1885 VT, parents from Ireland) waitress
  • Fred S. Harris (b. 1892) married lawyer and son-in-law of George S. Munson
  • Florence E. (Dailey) Jennings (b. 1866 in NY) widowed Secretary
  • Florence H. Jennings (b. 1893 in NY) single Teacher
  • George S. Munson (b. 1857) widowed physician


  • Charlotte D. Bass (b. 1903 in NY) single Librarian
  • Margaret M. Carey (b. 1890 in NY) single Cook
  • Margaret H. Thompson (b. 1883 in Scotland) widowed Asst. Librarian