Alton Meeting Room, IL

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This was the earliest Exclusive Brethren assembly in the United States, started around 1849 and stopped being listed in the EB-TW db after 1879, so unsure whether it changed to KLC??? but it was active as recent as 1958.  


  • John Alexander Ryrie, Sr. (1827-1904) 1879
    • grandfather of Charles Caldwell Ryrie (1925-2016) editor of the Ryrie Study Bible


  • John Crawford Millen (b. 1812 Scotland - d. 1890 Little Blue, NE) +1842-(1871+-1875) and his wife Magdaline Currie Millen (b. 1814 Scotland - d. 1897 Glenvil, NE); Children all born in Alton, IL:
    • Jeanie Currie Millen Felt (1842-1897) died Fort Morgan, CO
    • Andrew Millen (b. 1844)
    • Agnes A. Millen (b. 1846) died presumably Blackwell, OK
    • Archie C. Millen (1851-1928) died Blackwell, OK