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Arnstein Gospel Hall was started in 1905, comprised of German, Italian and English immigrants working for the local sawmill, and continues to this day.

Walter Foreshew (b. 1933), present correspondent at Alder Street Gospel Hall in Sudbury, was raised at this assembly with his parents and siblings, and remembers his parents walking nine miles to the assembly as a child from their farmhouse near Loring, Ontario, except when they would catch a ride from Charlie Culin, who also lived nearby. Charlie started a Sunday School in his home which operated for forty years, and was influential in Walter's eventual salvation in 1946 when he was thirteen years of age. Walter's parents, Ernie Edward Foreshew and his wife Marjorie Louise (Vanmeer) Foreshew also hosted Gospel meetings and prayer meetings in their home as well.

Walter also remembers Gospel meetings held at a dance hall in Port Loring, preachers would include Ernest B. Dellandrea (1914-2005) and his brother Aubrey Celesty Dellandrea (1917-2007), children of Frank Joseph Dellandrea (1890-1982) and his wife Gertrude Clara (Haufe) Dellandrea (1889-1968). Walter also recalls Wallace Dexter Cudmore (1907-1996) as another preacher.

There was also a Marco & Mary Sommacal family that had emigrated from Italy, the children included Moses, Louisa, Samuel, Daniel, Joseph, John, Susana and Adaline. It is unknown whether the entire family was involved in the assembly, but of the children, Walter remembers Samuel Frederick Sommacal (1889-1967) who the Lord led to Toronto to engage in chiropractic work, as well as John Sommacal, who briefly engaged in evangelistic work in Alberta. There was a John Mark Sommercal that was born 1894 or 1895 that was a brother of Samuel, as well as another John, 1903-1965, who was a son of Samuel’s brother Joseph.


  • Walter Foreshew 11-16-2019