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Arthur Leonard Hemmings (1914-2005) was a correspondent from 1962-1985 for the Sackville Meeting Room in New Brunswick, which has been an Exclusive brethren assembly since 1894, affiliated with the Tunbridge Wells group.

Arthur was born in 1914 in Montreal, Quebec, and died Feb. 17, 2005 in Saint John, NB.. He married Helen Doris Cleversey (1913-2006), born in Pleasantville, Nova Scotia, whose family has lived in that area since the late 1700's. They had four children, three of which are living. The fourth was Phyllis Martha Hemmings (1951-2004), born in Halifax, NS, married Paul Richard Daplyn in Sackville, NB, and died in Brockville, Ontario. Paul's parents were Eric Henry Daplyn (1922-1988) & Pamela Modwyn Pitman Daplyn (1924-2011), both from England, and married in 1943 and lived in Toronto, Ontario.

Helen's family

Helen Doris Cleversey was born Dec. 23, 1913 in Pleasantville, NS to Reuben Jonas Cleversey (1874-1914) & Margaret Arabella Wentzell Cleversey (1877-1947) who were married in 1898. By 1901, Reuben & Margaret were affiliated with the PB, likely with the Pleasantville Meeting Room, an Exclusive meeting that started by 1901 with Capt. Jacob Walter Sarty (1869-1943) & Joshua Ernst (1846-1922) in leadership, and meets thru present day, affiliated with the Nepean Tunbridge Wells group.

Reuben's family

Reuben was born to George William Cleversey (1826-1874) & Barbara Sperry Cleversey (1830-1902). They raised their children Anglican, however subsequent to George's death, Barbara was living with Reuben & Margaret who identified as Brethren by 1901, although Barbara identified as Baptist. All of George & Barbara's remained Anglican and most were employed in the fishing industry.

No known relation to Lewis Sperry Chafer, founder of Dallas Theological Seminary, whose Sperry ancestors (on his mother's side) emigrated in 1637 to New Haven, Connecticut from Bedfordshire, England.

Margaret's family

Margaret was born to Jacob Wentzell (1851-1892) & Mary Caroline Ross Wentzell Snyder (1857-1946) who, with their children, were lifetime Lutherans.