Assemblee Biblique de Granby, QC

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Assemblée biblique de Granby was a French open brethren assembly started in 1992 and was active thru 2001, located in Granby, Haute-Yamaska, Monteregie, Greater Montreal, Southcentral Quebec, Canada.

The Assemblée biblique de Granby had its beginnings in mid-1991, with several families from the Assemblée chrétienne de Granby eventually leaving to begin a new work. Issues centered on leadership style in the original assembly, an in-house school program considered by some to be illegal and alternative medicine practices which were being promoted within the congregation. Cautiously supported by leading brethren throughout Quebec, the new work took form the following year and continued for nearly a decade. It appeared in address lists published by News of Quebec, beginning in 1997; however, the work was never featured or reported on in the pages of the magazine. The assembly never affiliated with the CBCQ, ceasing operation around 2001.


421 rue Principale, Granby


  • Jean-Luc Roger, 32 rue Deslandes 1992-2001



  • Walterick Publishers Assembly Address Books: 1999-2000 & 2003
  • News of Quebec