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Assemblée Chrétienne de Cookshire, Cookshire-Eaton, Estrie, Southeast Québec, Canada is a French open brethren assembly founded in 1977.

Assemblée chrétienne de Cookshire had its beginnings in 1977 as a result of the testimony of two brethren from the nearby Sherbrooke assembly, Lawrence Fortin and André Roberge, who had a real burden to spread the Gospel through the use of films and other means. A year earlier they had begun visiting families from the Cookshire area who had shown an interest in the message of salvation. They were later joined by Richard Strout, also from the Sherbrooke assembly and serving at Bethel Bible Institute.

Several individuals who were living in the Cookshire area had expressed much interest in the Word of God and in having Bible studies in their homes. These were conducted with much encouragement. New contacts were made constantly through the testimony among families and friends of those attending these studies. When homes became too small, the Lord opened the door to the English Elementary School in Cookshire through the help of its janitor who was a believer in fellowship at the English assembly in nearby Huntingville.

The Lord's Supper was celebrated for the first time in 1978. For two years the assembly continued to meet in the school gymnasium, using several classrooms for the growing Sunday School. As attendance increased, the desire to have their own facility continued to grow. When the Masonic Lodge, located next door to the school in the center of the village, became available, the Lord made possible its purchase for the sum of $8,000, chairs and tables included. This was in the fall of 1980.

During the following years, the assembly experienced extraordinary growth as the Holy Spirit worked powerfully throughout the province bringing many souls into the kingdom. From some fifty in attendance in 1980, the assembly more than doubled in the next seven years. In addition to looking after their own expenses, the assembly was regularly contributing to the support of three missionary couples - one serving in Quebec, one in France and one in Africa. Over the years, the assembly shared in the commendation of four more couples to the work of the Lord. 

Where the Spirit of God works, so does the enemy. New elements coming into the assembly succeeded in causing dissension and then division with the sad result that a number left. The Lord, however, will always have the last word and their departure ultimately resulted in the establishment of a new assembly in another region of the province which continues to this day.

By the turn of the century, the assembly was reported as stable with little growth going on in this rural area. Many had moved into Sherbrooke for employment, some joining other congregations. Prayer was repeatedly requested for reinforcements, renewal and more evangelistic outreach. Help was needed to strengthen feeble hands and flagging hearts of those who often found themselves labouring alone. In 2006, some twenty or so believers were reportedly meeting here. The building was sold in 2017 with the proviso that the assembly be able to continue meeting free of charge in the basement which had been renovated long before for that purpose. By the third decade of the new century, the assembly numbered about a dozen.


  • meetings in homes 1977-1979
  • 125 rue Principale Ouest 1980-2021+


  • Richard Strout @ Sherbrooke 1983-1987
  • Lévi Gendron +1988-2021+



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