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Assemblée chrétienne de Trois-Rivières-Ouest, Mauricie, Central Quebec, Canada is a French open brethren assembly which began in January 1977, at the outset occupying a store front meeting place. After much prayer in the face of stalling techniques on the part of the city fathers, a building permit was finally secured. The official who issued the permit did not fail to comment that on that very day, August 15, 1979, the city was celebrating in honor of the Virgin Mary!

 Construction of the present facility seating 125 persons was completed in November 1979. By then, some forty persons were in regular attendance, a figure that would double within two years. From the outset, Marc Champagne provided leadership for this and the assembly at Grand-Mère, twenty-five miles farther north. In a single year, 1982, some seventy-five new believers came into these two assemblies. On one evening alone some thirty-two persons were baptized.

 Times have changed since those exciting days in the late seventies and early eighties when the windows of heaven seemed to have opened over Québec as the Holy Spirit did a mighty work here. This assembly, as so many other evangelical churches in the province has since then experienced a levelling off. Nonetheless, the work carries on faithfully.


  • 3310 St. Jean Blvd. 1977-2020+


  • Marc Champagne 1977-1997
  • Michel Tremblay @ Pointe-du-Lac 1998-2020+


Who’s Who at Assemblee Chretienne de Trois-Rivieres-ouest, QC 1977-2020+


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