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Perhaps best known of the reference works on the Bible are the Englishman's Greek and Hebrew concordances. G.V. Wigram financed these and promoted them, pouring a quarter million dollars into them, it is said. George Morrish edited the Englishman's Greek New Testament with Interlinear Literal Translation, and A Handy Concordance of the Septuagint. W.E. Vine edited the four-volume Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, now available as one volume.

George Morrish also issued the only substantial Brethren Bible dictionary that I have come across. It is called A New and Concise Bible Dictionary Embracing Some Special Features, to Which are Added Some New Testament Synonyms. It carries no date. My copy is apparently one of the older printings because it has folded maps mounted on linen in pockets both back and front, and the recent issues do not carry these. The pagination is vi, 880, and it has some illustrations.

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