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Only a few titles can be mentioned of the many dealing with the character of the Christian believers as a group:

  • New Testament Church Principles, by Arthur G. Clarke
  • The Christian Household and the Relative Duties, by Edward Dennett
  • Scriptural Principles of Gathering, by Alfred P. Gibbs (Fort Dodge, Ia., 1935, 46 pp.)
  • The Ministry of Women, by C.F. Hogg (Fort Dodge, Ia., 1946, 40 pp.)
  • The True Church: What Is It? Who Composes It? Seventeen Testimonies from Different Lands, edited by William Hoste and R. M'Elheran (Glasgow, n.d., 1955 pp.)
  • The Local Assembly: Some Essential Differences between Open an Exclusive Brethren Considered Scripturally and Historically (5th ed., Belfast, 1955, 103 pp.)
  • The Church According to Scripture, by Samuel Ridout.

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