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Even as far back as the 1870's Reid could say, "Only those who have sought after their publications, with the view of acquiring a knowledge of their opinions, can form an adequate conception of the extent and variety of their literature" (Plymouth Brethrenism Unveiled and Refuted, p. 35). The same statement could be made today with much amplification.

One aspect of the project that I have not yet completed is to seek some statistics of publication from the principal publishing houses. I remember seeing that two million copies of one pamphlet item had been printed. Many titles are reprinted time after time and in some cases the publishers have lost track of the statistics. In my title file I have more than forty-five hundred titles registered, and the White-Campion list has about the same, and there appears to be less than 50 per cent duplication between them. I know that many pamphlets and tracts were printed in editions of many thousands, some of them by private individuals, and may have all but perished by this time.

The Emmaus Bible School in Oak Park (now Dubuque, Iowa) issues a series of correspondence Bible courses, which is an amazing enterprise in itself. Over three million courses have been distributed all over the world. One course has been translated into sixty languages. There are over one hundred distributors of these courses around the world. In all, Emmaus courses are available in 106 different languages.

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