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It is the periodical field, however, that we get the most extensive record of Brethren missionary work. In addition to those listed previously under periodicals we should add here The Fields, Missionary Tidings, Precious Seed, Voices from the Vineyard, and a privately circulated little thing called simply Circular No. ----, which covers many missionary reports from all over the world.

In an elderly Brother's library in Pasadena I ran across a volume called Letters of Interest as to the Lord's Work, nos. I-XVI (Ealing, 1891-96). One is not sure whether this was actually intended as a magazine or not, as the spine carries the caption, "First Series." Noel in his History (I, 124, 143) speaks of this same title as having been edited in turn by Christopher McAdam, William J. Lowe, and William Mason Roberts.

This is not the forerunner of the current Letters of Interest published in Chicago; the latter I have traced back only to 1934, and its present issues do not carry volume numeration. The periodical Voices from the Vineyard issues lists of missionaries from the United States and Canada commended by the Open Brethren assemblies.

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