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Another interesting feature of Brethren literature is the many series in which the writings have been issued. Some of these are author series, such as "The C.S. Tracts" of Charles Stanley and "Leaflets for Letters" of Ada R. Habershon. "The Dispensational Series" was published for The Prophecy Investigation Society" by Alfred Holness in London.

From a vast number that could be listed, some of which run into many dozens of titles, we cull the following as being typical: "Treasury Series," "Truth and Testimony Series," "Dux Series," "Go-to-Bed Series" by Lettice Bell, "Watchman Bible Picture Books," "Clover Books," "Scripture Truths Library," of which at least fifty-two titles were issued, "Select Library of Standard Expositional Works," "The Student's Library of Thoughtful Bible Expositions," "True Tales," etc.

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