Beaver Creek Meeting Room, IL

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Around 1901, there was an exclusive PB meeting at Beaver Creek, aka Wisetown (now part of Greenville), in Bond County, Illinois. The assembly likely met in homes, and was comprised of the following families:

  • Henry Reymond (b. 1870 Switzerland - d. 1917)
  • James Robert (possibly relocated to Paducah, Kentucky
  • George C. Robert
  • Elijah Harris

Its origins and fate are presently unknown, although some of its descendants (Reymond) have remained in the area, and serve the Lord in area churches including at the Wisetown Baptist Church, as well as at the First Christian Church of Greenville

It's worth noting, with regard to Wisetown Baptist Church that one of the early founders of t he church that drafted their covenant was William Henry Rule (1851-1910 Beaver Creek, IL, pertinent as there have been many with that last name who have served in leadership within PB assemblies over the years, including into the present.

The nearby Greenville Meeting Room was started in the 1850's, and continues to this day in a home, and is affiliated with the TW's, which would be included in the branch in 1901 that accommodated those in this meeting at Beaver Creek.


  • 1901 EB AAB