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Howard Franklin Stultz, Sr. was raised in New Brunswick, and while unsaved, led his blind father to the Lord thru reading Gospel newspapers to him, then came to Christ himself thru the same newspapers. After his father died, he relocated to Portland, Maine. Hugh Thorpe and John Dickson held tent meetings in Westbrook 1907-1908, which is how H.F. was introduced to the assemblies. They soon invited him to visit the Cliff Street assembly in Boston, and in 1916 he founded an open brethren assembly named Bethany Gospel Hall. In 1926, according to the USCoRB, there were 40 in fellowship.

Spring Hill Gospel Hall

In Truth & Tidings 1957-7: "Westbrook, Maine: The assembly, formerly meeting in the Bethany Gospel Hall, 540 Main St. is meeting for June, July and August at the Warren Memorial Library, 479 Main Street. Breaking of bread is at 10:30 Lord's Day. Corr. D.L. Swendsen, 76 Union St., Westbrook, Maine."

There was an addition from H.F. Stultz in T&T 1957-8: "Westbrook, Maine: We find it necessary to state that the Christians at Bethany Gospel Hall, 540 Main Street, are still carrying on the meetings as usual, in much weakness and waiting on the Lord. Any of the Lord's servants, walking in the old paths would be very welcome amongst us at any time, and surely Maine is a needy state." Although "Bethany Gospel Hall" was omitted from the AAB's 1958-1959, so it is presumed there may have been a temporary merger. But it returned to the Waltericks AAB by 1960, and the former assembly met until Stultz's death in 1982. And the newer assembly became Spring Hill Gospel Hall, ME, which continues to this day.


  • Westbrook Assembly 1916-1927+
  • Bethany Gospel Hall +1936-1956+, 1959-1983+


  • 538/540 Main St. +1926-1983+


  • Howard Franklin Stultz, Sr. 1916-1982 (1880-1982)
    • (b. 1880 Waterside, Albert, N.B. - d. 1982 Westbrook, Cumberland, ME)
    • 51 Lamb St., Cumberland Mills +1927-1936+; 819 Main St., Cumberland Mills +1943+; 538 Main St., Westbrook +1948-1982;

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