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Booth brethren are characterized by Arthur Carl Piepkorn as Brethren VIII, served by the Erie (PA) Bible Truth Depot, beginning in the late 1920's as the Exclusive remnant of the Grant Brethren (Brethren I) that did not become Open with the Boyd-Mory controversies. From its inception, it linked up closely with the Glanton Brethren in England. The most prominent preacher of this circle was Albert Edward Booth, who died in 1953. Piepkorn indicated in his study that this group was in conversation at the time with the Reunited Brethren, aka the Kelly Lowe Continentals,(Brethren III) about a possible merger.

In an interview in the 1990's with BAHN, Garrison Keillor indicated that his parents and a sister were still involved with the Brethren, but it is unclear which Brethren they may have been linked with, though the Booth group was the one he was raised.

In 1949, a small circle withdrew from this group in support of a preacher named Ames in his distrust of teaching and practice of the British Glanton Brethren. This circle became Brethren IX.

Notable Alumni

  • Garrison Keillor