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When John Rae emigrated from Scotland, he settled first at High Bluff, near Portage la Prairie. In 1888, he moved to Brandon, 80 miles west of Portage la Prairie, and started a testimony in his home on Assiniboine Avenue. This was the origin of the Brandon Gospel Hall. Among that company were Miss Henry, Mr. and Mrs. William Turley, Mr. and Mrs. William White, and Miss Reid, all of whom had left the Salvation Army; and Mrs. John Calder who had been with the Presbyterians. In that same year, 1888, John Smith held Gospel meetings and saw a number saved, and some believers gathered to the Lord’s name. Here it was that O.C. Fish, later an evangelist, was saved. Among those who visited Brandon at John Rae’s invitation to preach the Gospel and instruct the saints were Donald Ross, Donald Munro, Thomas Donald William "T.D.W." Muir, and Alex Matthews. The first conference sponsored by Brandon Gospel Hall was held in October 1889.

A letter written by John Rae in 1890 states that more than 30 were in the Brandon Gospel Hall. He mentions five or six small gatherings in the nearby country districts, conversions among Cree Indians, and a new assembly testimony at West Selkirk.

The first meeting place for the assembly was located at 13th Street and Rosser Avenue. The Hall was on the main floor and the Rae family lived upstairs. The second meeting place was at 8th Street and Rosser Avenue, where the meetings were held on the second floor. In 1902, a Gospel Hall was built at 463 - 8th Street. The present Hall was completed in November 1976 at 1412 - 22nd Street. About 25 people attend the meeting today. Brandon Gospel Hall has commended several people full time to the Lord’s work, including William Rae and Oliver C. Fish to ministry in the area, and other workers to Burundi and Zambia.

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