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Dr. Morton C. "Bud" Morris, MD, was a country medical doctor who was a gifted poet and short story writer, photographer and motorcyclist.  He came to know Christ as a young child, and enjoyed sharing the Gospel as an itinerant preacher, including in prison ministry.  

He was born on November 17, 1940 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to William Ellsworth Morris (1911-1993) and Addie Louise Claridge Morris (1911-2009), who were with the Closed brethren.  He graduated from high school in Paducah, Kentucky.   He then studied Chemistry at Murray State College, in Tishomingo, Oklahoma;  He then taught high school Chemistry and Algebra for two years.  Then he  studied Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago, practicing medicine as a family doctor for the next ten years in Delavan, Illinois.   He is credited as instrumental in the founding of the Delavan Ambulance Service.

Bud was introduced to the Open brethren via Floyd Pierce at the Southeast Gospel Chapel, Springfield, IL, which is the same assembly that commended him in 1982 to missionary service in Zambia, where he served from 1982-1983 at Chitokoloki, Zambezi;  Then from 1984-1986 at the Kabompo Mission;   He writes in his testimony of working in a mud-brick hospital, while his wife Shirley Erisman Morris home-schooled their first six sons, and taught Christian education in a local school.

In 1986, they returned home to Delavan, where  they had a daughter, and another son.  They built a small office in the shape of a barn, and Bud practiced outpatient medicine as "The Country Doctor" until his retirement in 2007.  Shirley taught math in a local college, and he served as an itinerant preacher nearly biweekly well into his retirement.  But also served in prison visitation ministry 4-5 days a week, with his wife accompanying as well. 

He was a gifted pianist, and enjoyed cruising country roads on his motorcycle, photographing wildflowers and butterflies.   After a lengthy struggle with heart disease, he was promoted to Glory on August 13, 2017.  Funeral services were held at Prairie Bible Church in Delavan.   Surviving eight children included: Greg, Ed, Don, Chuck, Bob, Tim, Carolyn, and David.  Three brothers also survived.  

Scores of his poems, short stories and songs can be found on his website at [www.budmorris.net BudMorris.net]. 


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  • Walterick Assembly Address Book 1983