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Calvary University, formerly known as Calvary Bible College, is the successful merger in 1961 of two small Bible colleges, Kansas City Bible College, and Midwest Bible College (in St. Louis). In the early 1930's, several Christian leaders had been praying for over a decade about the need for a school to fill the need for trained leadership, with none in the area.  Some of the founding leaders included


  • Dr. Walter Lewis Wilson author, theologian and founder of Central Bible Chapel, Kansas City
  • Dr. Charles J. Rolls, Dean of Students;


  • Rev. David Bulkley, supt of the City Union Mission
  • Rev. R. Fuller Jaudon, pastor of the Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Kansas City Bible College

Kansas City Bible Institute was birthed in 1932 with Dr. Wilson serving as its first president until 1935 when it changed to Kansas City Bible College, with Dr. F. William May as president.

Midwest Bible College

In 1938, Dr. May left to assist the founding of Midwest Bible and Missionary Institute, in Salina, Kansas, later known as Midwest Bible College. Midwest's first president was Rev. Nye J. Langmade, who served this role until 1954. In 1946, Midwest moved to St. Louis, Missouri. From 1954 to 1956, Dr. May served as president, then Dr. Roger Andrus was appointed thru 1961. In 1959, it changed names to Midwest Bible College. Itinerant worker Ross Rainey taught at this school in the 1950's, having studied at Dallas Theological Seminary, then teaching at Kawartha Lakes Bible College and Emmaus Bible College.

Burson and Train

In 1941, Richard Burson and Eugene Train studied at Midwest to become ordained Baptist ministers, and shared a house together in Salina, where the school was based at the time. Around 1943, Richard found a "Help and Food" magazine while cleaning an elderly church lady's attic, thinking it was a cookbook, and this was his introduction to the Brethren.

Ironically, around the same time, Eugene was introduced to the Brethren while furthering his studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. Richard became founder of Hutchinson Gospel Chapel in Kansas in the mid-1940's, as well as founder of Kansas Bible Camp around the same time. Eugene went on to become a lifelong assembly planter in Potosi, Bolivia.

Calvary Bible College

Another Brethren associated with this school was Truman Leo Page, an elder at Overland Park Bible Chapel, in Kansas City, and was a professor at Calvary Bible College.