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Charles Marter Rubidge was born in 1854, with an Anglican background. He spent his childhood in Peterborough, Ontario. His parents were Walter Boswell Rubidge (1827-1900) and Henrietta Ann Marter Rubidge (1835-1893), both born in Ontario. By 1871, they were with the Exclusive Brethren living in Brantford, Ontario, where the parents died. It appears that the parents may have returned to the Anglican church by 1881. Charles was the eldest of nine children. In (and around) 1889, Charles served as a correspondent for the Winnipeg Meeting Room, an Exclusive Brethren meeting that still exists. On Aug. 7, 1884, Charles married Mary Ann Brendon in Toronto, York, Ontario.

Wife's family heritage

Mary was born in 1856 in Brantford, Ontario, and raised among the Brethren, her parents were in fellowship with the Brantford Meeting Room as early in 1861, if not earlier. Her parents were Frederick (1823-1899) and Anna Sophia Adams Popham Brendon (1825-1906). Mary's father was born in England, and retired as a chemist. Mary's mother was raised in Devon, England. After Frederick died, Sophia moved to Toronto.