Christian Brethren Churches in Quebec

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Christian Brethren Churches in Quebec (CBCQ) is a legally constituted corporation serving a family of evangelical churches throughout the Province. The Corporation was established in 1942 in order to give legal status to a number of Christian assemblies, both French and English,  that recognize the Lord Jesus Christ as their Head and that gather according to what they consider to be New Testament principles.

 The assemblies being served subscribe to the same statement of faith and intentionally choose to follow a New Testament pattern in the conduct of their activities. They are directed by a plurality of elders, men who, with the help of deacons and deaconesses, attend to the affairs of the local assembly. Our assemblies favour the weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper. We recognize that every believer is a priest before the Lord. Thus, we encourage each member, male and female, to exercise his or her Spirit-given gifts according to New Testament norms. Being a family of churches, we recognize the interdependence of each assembly in relation to all others. At the same time, we avoid any hierarchical structure featuring a head office for the centralized direction of activities among us. In lieu of the latter, there exist among our assemblies various ministries in addition to the Corporation, such as News of Quebec, Conseils et services missionnaires (CSM), Conférences des anciens, responsables et ouvriers (DOULOS), Programme de formation pour les assemblées chrétiennes (ProFAC), Groupe Réseau des assemblées chrétiennes évangéliques (GRACE), etc. These work together in a complementary fashion for the advancement of our life and witness as a family of churches.

The Corporation limits its responsibility essentially to civil matters or to those where a combined action is considered expedient. It exists solely as the servant of the assemblies affiliated with it and not by any means as a hierarchy over those assemblies.