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A brother named Alexander Hume Rule (1843-1906) from Des Moines, Iowa, gave a report on December 27th, 1892 into an assembly missionary publication known as "Letters of Interest" (printed by A.J. Cowell, on Oxford Road, in Ealing; and distributed by the Bible & Tract Depot, Yonge St., Arcade, Toronto, Ontario); The article can be found at BrethrenArchive.   

Alexander "A.H." is credited as having started the first assembly in Des Moines, in 1880, from a foreword of an online book of his at Bible Truth Publishers.  He was born in Scotland, raised Presbyterian, and introduced to the Brethren in Vinton, Iowa.  Unknown if his mother was related to the Enlightenment philosopher David Hume (1711-1776), though both were from Scotland.