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Flora Katherine Haltmeyer Dehn was born in Houston county, Minnesota.


Flora accepted Christ in January 1, 1909 at Gospel meetings in Manchester, which later resulted in the start of Manchester Gospel Hall, IA. Her sons Elmer and Weber may have later been involved with the Manchester meeting.

Clayton/Garnavillo connection

Flora was responsible for inviting Oliver Garfield Smith to hold initial Gospel meetings in Clayton, which led her son Lawrence William Dehn to Christ in 1918, and later she encouraged Oliver to go to Garnavillo to hold similar meetings in 1919. She was involved with Garnavillo Gospel Hall, IA for over 35 years. She "bore a good testimony and the Christians at Clayton and Garnavillo sometimes called her the mother of them all as they remember her as the one that invited the Gospel to Clayton and those parts.


Flora married John Andrew Dehn.


  • Elmer George Dehn (1889-1974) was born in Clayton county, and raised in Guttenberg, IA. He worked at home on the farm until he was 40, in Des Moines, IA in 1929 he married Lena Brady. Lena was born in 1896 in Edgewood, IA, and lived in Manchester, IA. She was the daughter of William M. Brady and Hanna Bastecles Brady. They were married by F.A. Carl with witnesses of E.A. and Helen Chopard. In 1930, they were living in Garnavillo, IA. She died in 1955 in Greeley, IA. Elmer died in Manchester, IA in 1974. Children were all born in Garnavillo, IA:
    • Nolan W. Dehn (b. 1930)
    • Lois L. Dehn (b. 1935)
    • Janaan Dehn (b. 1936)
  • Amelia Adilie Dehn Bush (b. 1891) was christened in Teller, Alaska, their church was St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran, in Ceres, Clayton, IA. Amelia married Charles Delbert Bush (b. 1881 Osterdock, IA) on Dec. 19, 1912 in Clayton, IA, officiated by Rev. A.E. Hursh. Charles was the son of Reuben Henry Bush (1857-1949) and Hannah Etta Hansel Bush (1862-1961). They lived the first part of their married life farming in Mallory and/or Garnavillo, IA where their five children were born. By 1930, they were living in Dubuque, IA where their children were raised. Amelia died in 1967 in Miami, FL where she managed a dress shop. Children:
    • Iris Luverne Bush (b. 1914) moved to Pennsylvania, then with her mother and younger sister Bonnie to Miami, FL.
    • Donald Charles Bush (b. 1916) was born in Colesburg, IA, and moved as an adult to Waterloo, IA, then Iowa City, where he was employed as a flight instructor, and married Vivian Louise Russow (1915-) from Dubuque. She was employed for a time in Dubuque as a musician. Donald died July 10, 1941 in an airplane collision in Kathwood, SC while he and Vivian were living in Augusta, GA. They had no children together. Vivian later remarried Joseph Terrell Goodwin (1907-1984), and she died in 2010. Children:
      • James Stanley Goodwin (1946-2003)
    • Vivian E. Bush (b. 1918)
    • Stanley Edward Bush (b. 1918) married Ileen L. Campbell (from Arkansas) in 1941 in Florida. He enlisted in the Army during WWII (1943-1946). He died in 1987 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
    • Bonnie Mae Bush (b. 1934) married Cmar K. Lightfoot, Jr. in Miami in 1952.
  • Esther Mathilda Dehn (b. 1897) was living at home at 23 in Clayton, IA. She lived for a time in Miami, FL but died in Manchester, IA in 1955.
  • Norma Marcia Dehn Ramsey (1896-1987) married Henry Edward Ramsey (1898-1989) from Wisconsin. He was employed in 1930 as a laborer in a hatchery. They lived the first few years of their married life in Clayton, IA. In 1940, they were living in rural Crosre, WI, then in Clarke, SD, then died in Miami, FL. Children:
    • William Edgar Ramsey Sr. (b. 1931 Clayton, IA) died in Louisiana in 2010.
    • Esther Hazel Ramsey (b. 1932 Clayton, IA) married William R. Bradford in 1957 in Dade, FL, and was living in Miami by '93.
    • Warren Henry Ramsey (b. 1933 Clayton, IA) married Betty J. Orsten, and died in 1996 in Willmar, MN. Betty may still be living.
  • Sgt. Weber Henry Dehn (b. 1907 Clayton, IA) married Consuello Mae "Connie". In 1940, they were living in Cedar Falls, IA. His occupation was as a mechanic, and owned a construction company. He enlisted in WWII at 33, and served 1942-1944 in the Army, while living in Marshfield, MO. Weber died in 1996 in Olney Springs, CO.
  • Mrs. A.A. Bush - Miami, FL

Death and Funeral

Flora died April 30, 1947 in Clarke, South Dakota while staying with her daughter Norma. Funeral was held in Clarke, and then in Garavillo, IA where she was buried. "Oliver Smith had the joy of speaking at her funeral by her personal request."


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