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This group is comprised of 95% of the original split led by Frank B. Frost from the Raven-Taylor group in 1974.  It is also known as the Defrosts, as well as the Strang Frost Group. 

There was a Frost split in 1999, and the remaining 5%, sometimes known as the Frank Frost Hard Group are said to have joined the Jim Renton Group, including the publishing arm of the Kingston Bible Trust


The Strang Frost group contains multiple assemblies, and its publishing arm includes the Stone Publishing Trust, in East Sussex, England, of which the late Mark Lemon served as a founding trustee until his death in June of 2019, after a battle with cancer. Mark also served as the editor for the Living Water magazine.

Stone Publishing Trust is also served by trustees David Burr, Eric McPhail, and Keith Wickens. The latter, Keith Wickens, is the present editor of Youthful Days. Stone is also served by Phil Coldrick, in present charge of orders for tracts and books. They have a hymnbook entitled "Hymns & Songs For Praise & Worship" compiled by Brian Parr and Nigel Bryan.

Stone additionally has a ministry that offers secondhand books freely for the purpose of re-circulating them into good hands.