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Henry Allan "Harry" Ironside was a Bible teacher that made a profession of faith in the Salvation Army, was introduced to the PB thru the open brethren, then traveled as an itinerant with the Grant exclusive brethren, and pastored Moody Memorial Church for 18.5 years, a record for that time. He ministered among both open and exclusive assemblies throughout his tenure.

He authored many volumes on biblical subjects, published originally by Loizeaux Brothers publishing.  It has been said that Sunday mornings prior to taking the pulpit at Moody, he broke bread with a few others in his office.  He also penned a notable historical sketch of the Brethren, and served as the very first W.H. Griffith Thomas Lecturer in 1926 ("The Mysteries of God") at Dallas Theological Seminary, returning in 1932 in same capacity ("Prophecies Related to Israel, the Church, and the Nations"), and 1935-1945. He also served on the Board for the Bob Jones University.

He was introduced to the Brethren in 1896 by a Montgomery who established the first assembly in San Francisco in his hotel in 1887, an open brethren meeting.


By H.A.I.

Many of Ironside's volumes can be found digitally at PlymouthBrethren.org and Bible Truth Publishers. The books may also be purchased thru Logos.

Bible Studies

  • Addresses on the Book of Joshua
  • Notes on the Book of Ezra
  • Notes on the Book of Esther
  • Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther
  • Book One of the Psalms
  • Notes on the Book of Proverbs
  • Addresses on Song of Solomon
  • The Prophet Isaiah
  • Jeremiah, the Weeping Prophet
  • Ezekiel, the Prophet
  • Lectures on Daniel the Prophet
  • The Minor Prophets
  • Addresses on Matthew
  • Addresses on Mark
  • Addresses on Luke
  • Addresses on John
  • Lectures on the Book of Acts
  • Lectures on Romans
  • First Epistle to Corinthians
  • Second Epistle to Corinthians
  • Messages on Galatians
  • In the Heavenlies (Ephesians)
  • Notes on Philippians
  • Lectures on Colossians
  • Addresses on 1st and 2nd Thessalonians
  • Timothy, Titus & Philemon
  • Studies in Hebrews with Titus
  • Notes on James and Peter
  • Epistles of John and Jude
  • Lectures on the Revelation

Bible Subjects

  • Care for God's Fruit Trees
  • Charge That to My Account (Philemon) and Other Gospel Papers
  • The Continual Burnt Offering (Daily Meditation Bible Readings)
  • The Daily Sacrifice (Daily Meditation Bible Readings)
  • Divine Priorities, and Other Messages
  • Four Hundred Silent Years
  • Full Assurance
  • Holiness: The False and the True
  • Mission of and Praying in the Holy Spirit
  • Illustrations of Bible Truth
  • Miscellaneous Papers: Volume 1
  • Miscellaneous Papers: Volume 2
  • The Mysteries of God
  • Only Two Religions and Other Gospel Papers
  • Random Reminiscences from Fifty Years of Ministry
  • Things Seen and Heard in Bible Lands
  • The Unchanging Christ


  • Baptism: What Saith the Scripture?
  • The Eternal Security of the Believer
  • Letters to a Roman Catholic Priest
  • Levitical Offerings
  • The Midnight Cry!
  • Not Wrath... But Rapture
  • Sailing With Paul (For Young Christians)
  • Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth


By Others

Biographies, etc.

  • Dr. Ironside's Bible: Notes and Quotes from the Margins - intro by Dr. Herbert J. Pugmire; First Edition, May 1955; Fourth Printing, March 1976.
    • Dr. Pugmire was born as Joseph Madison Herbert Pugmire, in Petrolia, ON, Canada in 1915, and his family emigrated later that same year to Pontiac, MI, later Grand Rapids. He lived in St. Louis in 1935, and pastored for the Salvation Army back in Grand Rapids in the early 1940's. Pugmire served as Ironside's Assistant Pastor at Moody Memorial Church commencing June of 1947, and by the early 1950's pastored Galilean Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas. He died in 2006 at Ocoee, FL, recognized as an internationally known Bible interpreter.

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