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See Branches of Plymouth Brethren to explain abbreviation types (although in short: OB (& TW-P) are Halls & Chapels within the "open brethren" (although GH's (generally) maintain a separate network from the Chapels). EB/TW/TW-N are "Careful" Brethren (similar to OB Halls), and BC are (generally) independent community churches with early or indirect PB influence, and will (usually) not consider themselves "Brethren").  AA/CA refers to assemblies of African or Caribbean origin, or predominant demographic, although all ethnicities are overly welcome in any assemblies.

The above primer link expands on the abbreviations, and also contains introduction to this (and other) sheets within the overall History. There have been scores of branches with their own distinctive networks and strengths within the history of the PB, and many branches continue to flourish today, and while no assembly or gathering is identical to the others, each is thought to maintain a fervent desire for simplicity in gathering around the Lord Jesus, though practices and secondary doctrines may vary culturally and/or preferentially as autonomous (yet inter-dependent) local churches.

Assemblies are sorted geographically, and will, D.V., eventually have further history within. Red links on Brethrenpedia are presently undeveloped, and blue links contain data. Appreciate patience with our progress, and if you'd like to help, please contact any of the editing team, preferably via social media.


Central IL

North Central IL

Lee County


Livingston County (Bloomington/Normal metro)



McLean County (Bloomington/Normal metro)








Mason County

Forest City

Peoria County (Peoria metro)


Tazewell County (Peoria metro)






Woodford County (Peoria metro)

El Paso

South Central IL

Christian County (Springfield metro)







Clay County

Clay City

Fayette County



=Logan County (Springfield metro)


  • Cornland Meeting Room, IL (EB) +1878-1880+
    • c/o J.B. Pierce @ 4 mi. S.E. of town +1880+; Mrs. J.D. Gillette @ 2 mi. S.E. of town +1880+;


Macon County (Decatur metro)



Montgomery County



Shelby County


Sangamon County (Springfield metro)



  • Grace Bible Chapel, IL (OB) 1954/1977-present
    • aka Springfield Gospel Chapel 1954-1958; Milton Avenue Gospel Chapel 1958-1977;
  • Miller Street Room, IL (PBCC) +1878-1959+
    • @ 816 E. Miller St. +1959+
  • Springfield Exclusive Brethren Assembly, IL 1879
  • Springfield Meeting Room, IL (EB) 1873-1909; (TW) 1909-1992; (TW-N) 1992-2016+
    • @ 2nd floor, 509 E. Monroe St. +1880+
    • c/o E.R. Ulrich @ S.E. cor. 12th & Cass Sts. +1880+
    • "At Springfield, thirty or forty people propose to meet and to allow themselves to be led by the Lord. I hope to go there soon. Other difficulties will be found there, but the Lord suffices for everything." (John Nelson Darby writes from Chicago, IL to Paul Sclumberger in Pau, France in 1873)
      • French Letter No. 109: "Hard Going in the USA" originally published in the French magazine Le Messager Chétien, transcribed by a sister in Switzerland, translated to English in 2012 by Daniel Roberts (1945-2020) of England, affiliated with the Renton (ex-Raven) PB.

Northern IL

Boone County (Rockford metro)


Winnebago County (Rockford metro)


  • Ridgeview Chapel, IL (OB) 1883-1978
    • @ home of Edward Motson, 823 Bruce St. 1904 with nine believers; home of Stafford Marshall Ransome, 2405 E. State St. +1927+;
    • Rockford Assembly (OB) 1883-1943; Miriam Gospel Hall 1943-1957;
    • also see: Beloit Gospel Hall, WI
    • c/o Edward Motson +1904+;
    • c/o Stafford Marshall Ransome +1927+ (b. 1881 Liverpool, Lancashire, Eng. - d. 1948 Rockford, IL). Son of George Frederick Ransome (b. 1849 Haarlem, Netherlands - d. 1907 West Derby, Lancashire, Eng.) & Alice Sophia Marshall Ransome (b. 1846 Semer, Suffolk, Eng. - d. 1930 Elkhart, IN). Ancestry was British prior to S.M.'s father's upbringing. Wife: Mary "Mae" Kathleen Gardner Ransome (b. 1887 Chippenham, Wiltshire, Eng. - d. 1954 Rockford, IL), daughter of Jesse Frederick Gardner (b. 1861 Chippenham, Eng. - d. 1918 Lakewood, Cuyahoga, OH & Mary Ann Jones Gardner (b. 1861 Corsham, Wiltshire, Eng. - d. 1946 Lakewood, OH). S.M. was employed as a chief draftsman for the Barber-Colman Company, which patented and manufactured textile and milling machinery, and was one of Rockford's largest manufacturers, with facilities around the U.S., Germany and England. See B-C history.
    • 1926 USCoRB indicated that there were 11 in fellowship (4 men, 7 women). The Hall met in a home (with $31 in annual expenses), and $120 was additionally spent towards the Lord's work in 1926.
  • Rockford Meeting Room, IL (TW) +1973-1992; (TW-N) 1992-2016+
    • c/o Noble Frederick Gammell +1973-2005+ (b. 1920 Lineville, Wayne, IA - d. 2013 Beloit, Rock, WI). Son of Frederick Wayne Gammell (b. 1894 Lineville, IA - d. 1981 Des Moines, IA) & Myrtle Evelyn Noble Gammell (b. 1899 Kiowa, KS - d. 1970 Des Moines, IA). Noble's father served with the U.S. Army during WWI. Wife 1942: Shirley Nadine Larson Gammell (b. 1922 Des Moines, IA - d. 2012), daughter of John Albert Larson & Sarah Ann Carlson Larson; Noble lived in Des Moines from +1920-1953+, in 1942-1968+ he was employed as an art production editor by Meredith Publishing in Des Moines, which published "Better Homes and Gardens", and later published magazines such as Fortune, Money, Sports Illustrated, and Time. Noble was a gifted watercolor artist, with excerpts published in 2015 at Amazon. He also served 1943-1945 with the U.S. Army during WWII with two signal service companies, earning TEC5.
      • Noble's brother, Herman "Herm" M. Gammell (b. 1922 Des Moines, IA - d. 2010 Ogden, UT) served WWII as a B-24 pilot with the 455th Bombardment Group, a recipient of a Purple Heart, and served as a trustee at the Church of God in Pasadena, CA, and the Washington Heights Baptist Church in Ogden, UT.
    • c/o Donald James Stern +1973+ (b. 1930 West Rockford, IL). May have lived 1995-2020 in Colorado Springs, CO, and may have served as pastor of Westview United Brethren in Freeport, Illinois;
    • c/o Daniel Allen Henderson +1973+ (1949-1988 Rockford, IL)
    • c/o Doug Hill +1985-2005+; Jerry Doll +1985+; Jerry Short +1985+, +2005-present;

Northeastern IL

Chicago metro

Cook County

Arlington Heights


  • Avondale Gospel Hall, IL (OB) 1888-1968
    • Avondale Meeting House +1927+
    • @ 2814 N. Sawyer Ave. +1927+
    • c/o W.V. Slocombe, 3237 Eastwood Ave. +1927+
    • 1926 USCoRB indicated that there were 97 in fellowship (40 men, 57 women) including 11 S.S. teachers presiding over 125 children (for a total of 222). The Hall was valued at $3,000 with no debt (and with $2,555 in annual expenses), and $1,589 was additionally spent towards the Lord's work in 1926.
  • Beverly Bible Chapel, IL (OB) 1930's/1962-?
    • aka Washington Heights Gospel Hall 1930's-1962
    • also see Oak Forest Bible Chapel 1962-?

Des Plaines


  • Park Manor Bible Chapel, IL (OB) 1882/1966-2021+
    • aka: Elgin Gospel Hall 1882-1927+; Elgin Gospel Chapel +1936-1965;
    • tents 1883 in Udina, Dundee, & Elgin
    • @ 12 Chapel St. +1927+
    • c/o A.H. Hayes, 414 Addison St. +1927+
    • 1926 USCoRB indicated that there were 79 in fellowship (24 men, 55 women) including 22 S.S. teachers presiding over 20 children (for a total of 50). The Hall had a value of $15,300 with $5,800 owed (and with $9,657 in annual expenses), and $929 was additionally spent towards the Lord's work in 1926.


  • Evanston Gospel Chapel, IL (OB) 1916/1941-?
    • aka: Grace Chapel 1916-1941
    • @ K. of P. Hall, 610 Davis St. +1927+
    • c/o Winsor Chase, 1031 Dempster St. +1927+
    • 1926 USCoRB indicated that there were 43 in fellowship (17 men, 26 women) including 6 S.S. teachers presiding over 25? children (for a total of 68). The Hall was a rented facility (with $555 in annual expenses), and $685 was additionally spent towards the Lord's work in 1926.


La Grange



  • Woodside Bible Chapel, IL (EI OB) 1894-2022+
    • Austin Station Gospel Hall 1894-1913; Austin Gospel Hall 1913-1959
    • @ 748 Leamington Ave. +1927+
    • c/o Tom Bendelow, 533 N. Long Ave. +1927+
    • 1926 USCoRB indicated that there were 216 in fellowship (93 men, 123 women) including 2 under the age of 13 years old, and 22 S.S. teachers presiding over 175 children (for a total of 391). The Hall was valued at $12,500 with no debt (with $3,165 in annual expenses), and $3,186 was additionally spent towards the Lord's work in 1926.

Mount Forest

  • Mount Forest Gospel Hall, IL (OB) +1926-1927+
    • c/o Henry J.? Yost, Willow Springs
    • 1926 USCoRB indicated that there were 18 in fellowship (8 men, 10 women) including 1 S.S. teacher presiding over 20 children (for a total of 38). The Hall was valued at $2,500 with no debt (with $206 in annual expenses), and $376 was additionally spent towards the Lord's work in 1926.

Mount Prospect

Oak Park

  • Addison Meeting Room, IL (TW) 1980's-1992; (TW-N) 1992-2022+
    • Oak Park Meeting Room +1951-1973+
    • Chicago Meeting Room (EB) +1862-1890; (TW) 1890-1951+
      • @ Room 10 & 12, 816(?) Clark St. +1880+
      • c/o William Hart +1880-1884+
        • @ 259 W. Madison St. +1880+; 121 Dearborn St. +1884+

South Holland


DuPage County


  • Addison Meeting Room, IL (TW) +1878/1980's-2020+
    • Oak Park Meeting Room +1930's-1973+ (TW)
    • Chicago Meeting Room +1878-1930's? (TW)



Glen Ellyn


  • Lombard Gospel Chapel, IL (OB) 1927/1928-present
    • also see: Woodside Bible Chapel 1894-present; Villa Park Evangelical Free Church 1931-?

Villa Park


West Chicago


Grundy County


Kane County


Kendall County


Lake County


Highland Park

Lake Zurich


  • Waukegan Gospel Hall, IL (OB) +1926-1927+
    • @ YMCA Hall, North County St.
    • c/o William Rae, 1122 Palmer Pl.
    • 1926 USCoRB indicated that there were 13 in fellowship (8 men, 5 women) including 2 S.S. teachers presiding over 3 children (for a total of 16). The Hall was a rented facility (with $136 in annual expenses), and $110 was additionally spent towards the Lord's work in 1926.


McHenry County


Will County


Coal City


Kankakee County (Kankakee metro)


  • Kankakee Christian Assembly (KLC) +1977+

Eastern IL

Champaign County (Champaign metro)


Coles County



  • OB tent meetings 1883 by Rice T. Hopkins & Donald Ross?

Edgar County


Effingham County


Ford County (Champaign metro)


Vermilion County (Danville metro)


  • Hillery Bible Chapel, IL (KLC-EB) +1946-2021+
    • Danville Hall +1946+
    • @ West Hillery, 4 mi. W of Danville +1946+; 110 Chestnut St.
    • c/o Marcel Fenet +1946+; E.C. Hadley +1946+

Northwestern Illinois

Henry County (Moline & Rock Island, IL & Davenport, IA metro)



Knox County




Rock Island County (Moline & Rock Island, IL & Davenport, IA metro)



  • Oak Ridge Bible Chapel, IL (OB) 1978/1981-?
    • aka: Valley Christian Fellowship 1978-1981
    • also see: Harrison Gospel Chapel, Davenport, IA

Rock Island

Southeastern IL

Lawrence County


St. Francisville

Southern IL (Little Egypt)

Franklin County

West Frankfort

  • West Frankfort Gospel Hall, IL (OB) +1926-1927+
    • c/o David John Lewis, Frankfort Heights (b. 1881 South Wales - d. 1950 Rockford, IL) of Frankfort Heights 1917-1927+, employed in Forbush, Appanoose, IA, presumably as a miner, in 1904, where he was married at Centerville. employed in 1917 as a miner in West Frankfort for the Old Ben Coal Corp. Wife: Barbara B. Douglass Lewis (b. 1884 Scot. - d. 1949 Rockford, IL). By 1930, the family had relocated to Rockford, Winnebago, IL, living with his brother-in-law Thomas L. & Mary E. Wilson, and David was employed as a stub end mechanic at a universal joint manufacturer. In 1941, they were still living in Rockford, and David was employed as a watchman for the MUJ Div.
    • 1926 USCoRB indicated that there were 60 in fellowship (40 men, 20 women) including 3 S.S. teachers presiding over 50 children (for a total of 110). The Hall had a value of $1,400 with no debt (and with $75 in annual expenses), and $400 was additionally spent towards the Lord's work in 1926.

Hamilton County



Jackson County (Carbondale/Marion metro)



Randolph County


  • Sparta Gospel Hall, IL (OB) 1882-1951+
    • c/o T.B. Stephenson, 200 E. College St. +1927+
    • 1926 USCoRB indicated that there were 35 in fellowship (14 men, 21 women) including 4 S.S. teachers presiding over 45 children (for a total of 80). The Hall was a rented facility (with $155 in annual expenses), and $272 was additionally spent towards the Lord's work in 1926.


  • Tilden Bible Chapel, IL (OB) +1926-1927+
    • c/o John G. Hill, W. Main St.
    • 1926 USCoRB indicated that there were 11 in fellowship (4 men, 7 women) including 1 S.S. teacher presiding over 25 children (for a total of 36). The Hall had a value of $800 with $250 owed (with $114 in annual expenses), and $40 was additionally spent towards the Lord's work in 1926.

Wayne County


Round Prairie

Southwestern IL

Macoupin County (St. Louis metro)

Bunker Hill



  • Gillespie Gospel Hall, IL (OB) 1912-1927+
    • @ Gillespie Co-Operative Store, 300 S. Macoupin St. (aka Main St.)
    • c/o Alexander Easton 1912+ (1875-1929)
      • Witness 1912: "A few believers from the old country, with others, now assemble in Gillespie, Illinois. Communications to Alex. Easton, Box 17."
    • c/o John Connell, 202 Charles St. +1926-1927+ (b. 1828 Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scot.); wife: Mary Hannah Jordan Connell (b. 1829 Ireland). They were married at Kirkintilloch on Aug. 16, 1850, and in 1851, they were both employed as hand loom cotton weavers for the local distillery. Employed in 1925 in Gillespie as a miner, not there by 1929.
    • c/o Thomas Connell @ 209 Charles St. +1926-1927+ (b. 1870 Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scot. - d. 1940 Gillespie, IL); Son of John Connell & Mary Jordan Connell (above). In 1920, Thomas was employed as a timber man in a coal mine, living on Caston Heights in Gillespie. Wife: Jane "Jeanie" Millar Connell (b. 1874 Scot. - d. 1939 Gillespie, IL). They immigrated to the U.S. in 1912, and in 1915 were living in St. Louis. Employed in 1925 in Gillespie as a miner, still there in 1929.
    • 1926 USCoRB indicated that there were 11 in fellowship (5 men, 6 women) including 3 S.S. teachers presiding over 50 children (for a total of 61). The Hall was a rented facility (with $120 in annual expenses), and $100 was additionally spent towards the Lord's work in 1926.
    • There were five brothers who emigrated from Scotland to Gillespie to work the mines, Alexander and Craig were PB.
      • Grandparents: William's parents were: John Easton (b. 1832 Old Home, Ayr, Scot.) & Ellen Robertson Easton (b. 1833 Cabrine, Ayr, Scot.) John was a deputy foreman at the Struthers mine owned by John Gilmour in Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scot., and was killed on June 9, 1863 in a methane explosion. Susan's parents may have been David McGill (b. 1801 Drumgoolan, County Down, Ireland) & Margaret Edgar McGill & Margaret Edgar McGill (b. 1816 Maybole, Ayr, Scot.).
      • Parents: William Easton (b. 1851 Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scot. - d. 1905 Kilmaurs, East Ayr, Scot.) & Susan Brown McGill Easton (b. 1853 Whittetts or Maybole, Ayr, Scot. - d. 1901 Kilmaurs, East Ayr, Scot.)
      • John Easton (b. 1869 Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scot.); coal miner @ 1901 at Hemphill, Ayr.
      • George McGill Easton (b. 1871 Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scot.)
      • Thomas Robertson Easton (b. 1872 Dalmellington, Ayr, Scot. - d. 1954 Isle of Man, U.K.); coal miner @ 1891 at Dreghorn, Ayr. Police inspector @ 1911 @ Kensington, Liverpool, Eng..
      • Alexander Easton (b. 1875 Kilmarnock, East Ayr, Scot. - d. 1929 Gillespie, IL). Wife: Mary M. Simpson Easton (b. 1875 Anniesland, Glasgow, Scot. - d. 1951 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH). Alexander & Mary emigrated to the U.S. with their two children in 1905, settling first in Missouri, then to Gillespie in 1907 where they resided 30 years. Both were PB in Gillespie, then Cleveland. Frank Faulkner of Champaign, IL officiated Mary's funeral. See Findagrave.
      • Christina Ann Pollock Easton Rodger (b. 1878 Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scot. - d. 1958 Decatur, IN); husband: Robert Rodger (b. 1881 Stewarton, Ayr, Scot.)
      • William Easton (b. 1880 Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scot.), emigrated to Quebec, Canada in 1906 as a miner.
      • Susan McGill Easton McAllister (b. 1883 Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scot. - d. 1975 Thurrock, Essex, Eng.). Husband: James Weir McAllister (b. 1882 Irvine, North Ayr, Scot.)
      • David Easton (b. 1885 Dreghorn, Ayr, Scot.). Wife: Florence Struthers Easton. Coal miner 1917 @ Superior Coal Co., Gillespie, IL.
      • Margaret "Maggie" Strachan Easton McCrindle (b. 1887 Dreghorn, Ayr, Scot.). Husband: James McCrindle (b. 1880 Glasgow, Scot.). Settled 1930 @ Detroit, MI.
      • James "Jimmy" Brown Easton (b. 1889 Dreghorn, Ayr, Scot. - d. 1975 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA); Wife: Frances L. Ahrens Easton (b. Gillespie, IL - d. 1948 Bethlehem, Lehigh, PA). 1942 Safety Inspector @ Bethlehem Steel Co.
      • Robert Robertson Easton (b. 1892 Kilmaurs, East Ayr, Scot. - d. 1967 Springwood, Blue Mountains, N.S.W., Aus.). 1st wife: Ethel Annie Stevenson Easton (b. 1891 Granville, N.S.W., Australia - d. 1964 Matraville, Randwick, N.S.W., Aus.). 2nd Wife: Ellen Jane Easton (b. 1897 - d. 1984 Beverly Hills, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia). Robert served 1908-1911 with the Royal Navy, on several ships including the Ganges, Borwick, Pembroke, Terrible, Powerful, charged in 1911 with desertion from the latter. Later enlisted in Sydney, N.S.W. in service for the Australian Imperial Force during WWI 1916-1918.
      • Craig Brown Easton (b. 1895 Kilmaurs, East Ayr, Scot. - d. 1977 Lawrence, Essex, MA). Wife: Elizabeth Horn Easton (b. 1892 Kilsyth, North Lanark, Scot. - d. 1985 Andover, Essex, MA), daughter of James L. Laing (b. 1866 Kilsyth - d. 1962 Lawrence, Essex, MA) & Christenia F. Millar Laing (b. 1862 Kilsyth - d. 1933 Andover, Essex, MA). PB
      • Andrew Wilson Easton (b. 1896 Kilmaurs, East Ayr, Scot. - d. 1948 Gillespie, IL). Wife: Ann Lawson McKechan Easton (b. 1900 Stevenston, North Ayr, Scot. - d. 1981 Gillespie, IL).
      • Kennedy Easton (1901-1902 Kilmaurs, East Ayr, Scot.), died at nine months, his mother died in childbirth.
    • Other (possibly related) Eastons:
      • Warren Easton, in fellowship with the assembly at Bancroft, ON, was a building contractor who in 1964 constructed the nearby Chapel in Harcourt. Warren was a descendant of George Alexander Easton (b. 1848 Carstairs, Lanark, Scot. - d. 1929 Nipissing, ON), son of Alex Easton (b. 1806 Lanark, Scot.)
      • Grace M. Easton penned "Merry All The Time", a children's book published by John Ritchie in Kilmarnock, prior to 1936. It was also available in 1938 thru Walterick Printing in Fort Dodge, IA as a S.S. award book.
      • William Easton (1850-1926), New Zealand.
        • Articles:
          • "A Mystery Explained", Assembly Annals, 1950.
          • "Christ Loved the Church", Assembly Annals, Aug. 1949.
          • "A Few Thoughts on Elijah", Words in Season, 1893.
        • Books: Pickering & Inglis (Glasgow & London):
          • "Gleanings in the Revelation" with a "large original chart", 1928.
          • "A Bunch of Grapes", 1937.
      • Alex Easton of Grangemouth penned an article series on Prayer that was published in 1977 thru Harvester magazine.
      • Ruth Easton taught a weekly Mother's Bible Studies in 1989 at Kenilworth Gospel Chapel in N.J.
      • Adam Easton (1892-1978) was saved as a young man in Rankinston, Ayr, Scot., and in fellowship with the Shotts Assembly for over 60 years (1918-1978). For many years a "S.S. superintendent, caretaker, doorkeeper and a highly esteemed elder. Always dependable, punctual and walked the Christian pathway with dignity. Met to remember the Lord with a full basket and often ministered a word of encouragement to the saints. While health allowed preached in the open street." From an obit in Believers Magazine (Ireland).
      • J. Easton a correspondent (1980+) at Bethany Hall in Blantyre, South Lanark, Scot.
      • A. Easton preached with J. Burns & J. Aitken at the Gospel Hall in Blackburn, Scot. in May of 1982.
      • Mr. & Mrs. W. Easton were five of the original seven S.S. pupils in 1911 at Oaklands Hall (now Oaklands Bible Chapel, which started as a S.S. in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Galloway in 1911 in Victoria, B.C., as a hive-off from Victoria Gospel Hall, as per March 1959 Calling. D. Easton has served as an elder in this assembly.
      • Roger Easton led a team of eight to Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 2000 on a short-term missions trip to repair the home of Charles & Holly Wooler, missionaries from Pennsylvania. Roger's younger brother, Dennis, who attended Emmaus Bible College in 1996 served as an administrative assistant, librarian and choir director at Kawartha Lakes Bible College in Ontario, and presently in the Philippines.
      • Donald R.K. Easton graduated from Emmaus in 1957.
      • B.S. Easton edited International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, and The Pastoral Epistles (London, 1948).
      • Don Easton served as a correspondent at the Vedder Gospel Chapel in Chilliwack, B.C. in 1961, helping the development of an influential children's work, as per Calling 1961.

Mount Olive

St. Louis, MO metro

Bond County

Beaver Creek


  • Greenville Meeting Room, IL (EB) 1854-1909; (TW) 1909-1992; (TW-N) 1992-2021+
    • oldest surviving assembly in North America
    • aka Greenville Gospel Hall
    • c/o Charles H. Ramel +1880+


Mulberry Grove


Madison County




  • Highland Meeting Room, IL (French EB) +1878-1909; (TW) 1909-1917+
    • c/o Auguste Mojonnier +1880+
    • There is thought to have been three exclusive assemblies in Highland at varying times (Grant, TW, and Booth). Unknown years for Grant & Booth meetings. The Booth meeting joined with Ames in the 1940's.

New Douglas





St. Clair County


East St. Louis

Western IL

McDonough County

Good Hope