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James Castles was born September 25, 1873, in Lurgan, Ireland, son of James Castles and Margaret Waring Castles. He was commended in 1903 to Uruguay and served there many years along with time in Argentina. 


James had an elder sister, Mary Castles, born Nov. 19, 1871 in Lurgan, Ireland. She may have worked in 1893 as a servant in Boston, MA.  He also had a sister Alice that married Matthew Brown, a missionary to India.   

Marriage and Family

On June 20, 1911 James married Catherine "Kate" McCann while in Tucumán, Argentina. Kate was born July 4, 1880 in Belfast, Ireland, to James McCann (1835-1909) and Elizabeth Aitkin (1843-1908).  She was commended from Belfast, Ireland in 1910.

James and Kate had three children:


James died in Belfast in April of 1943.


He spent at least four furloughs via England. 

  • 1919 from London on the ship "Highland Piper" with entire family.
  • 1921 from Liverpool on the ship "Demerara" with entire family. Last UK address in 1921: 12 Farnham St., Ormean Rd., Belfast.
  • 1928 from London on the ship "Highland Laddie" with his wife. Last UK Address in 1928: 141 Upper Meadow St., Belfast.
  • 1934 from London on the ship "Highland Patriot" by himself. Last UK Address in 1934: 83 Agincourt Ave., Ormean Rd., Belfast.

There were also others on the 1928 trip of unknown (if any) ministry relation from Uruguay:

    • Joan Spafford (b. 1900), teacher, Last UK Address in 1928: 20 Harley St., Hull, England
    • Celina Gibbs (b. 1882), homemaker, Last UK Address in 1928: Rycott, St. Helens Pk. Rd., Hastings, England
    • Douglas Gibbs (b. 1923), schoolboy, Same UK Address;

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