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Nels Thompson was saved under the preaching of Harry Ironside in 1912, who discipled him, presumably at Gospel Auditorium in Oakland, California, which at the time, was associated with the Grant Brethren. Nels was in fellowship with the Brethren until 1919, when he left on account of control they were attempting to exert over as aspect of his evangelistic ministry.

He spent many years traveling, particularly along the West Coast of the United States, evangelizing, particularly with a "Gospel car" that he had painted evangelistic Bible verses on. He planted twenty assemblies, fifteen of which exist to this day, and are known as the Last Day Messenger Assemblies.

Hector Alves conversion

Hector Alves (1896-1978), notable Gospel Hall itinerant preacher, was saved at an evangelistic meeting held by Nels Thompson on March 24, 1918, a Lord's Day. Hector was born in Philadelphia, PA, and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland, moving with his family to Vancouver in 1908, near the Cedar Cottage Gospel Hall, BC. His family was Presbyterian, but his younger sister started attending a Sunday School at Cedar Cottage, which Hector would walk her to, and from 1909 onward he started attending the Gospel Hall, his parents and sisters converting to Christ there.

In 1916, Hector moved to Seattle, at the age of 20, and he attended Gospel meetings in 1917 held D.R. Scott and David Oliver. In early March of 1918, he had been invited by Nels Thompson to an evangelist campaign but had refused on the grounds that it was not in a Gospel Hall. A few weeks later, on March 24th, he was on his way to a theatrical performance, and wandered into an auditorium instead where Thompson was preaching.

Afterwards, Hector dialogued with Nels who pointed out Romans 3:23, 5:12, 6:23, and 10:8-11, the latter being "with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation", which Hector exclaimed, "That's what I want! I am saved." Nels asked, "But how do you know?" Hector replied, "I believe with my heart; I confess with my mouth." Hector was compelled to attend the evening service and was volunteered to the stage in the midst to give testimony of his earlier conversion, his first "preaching experience". More on the duration of Hector's ministry at the website in the "References".



Oakland, CA - first assembly planted


  • Nels Thompson
  • Dee L. McCroskey (1902-1991) succeeded Nels Thompson, founded Gospel Tract Distributors, and served as editor of "Outside the Camp" periodical, which later was known as "Last Day Messenger". He also penned dispensational writings, and a commentary on Galatians, that are available at Pilkington and Sons.


  • Gospel Tract Distributors 1936-?


  • Last Day Messenger - ended publication in 1990
    • initially titled "Outside The Camp"