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See Branches of Plymouth Brethren to explain abbreviation types (although in short: OB (& TW-P) are Halls & Chapels within the "open brethren" (although GH's (generally) maintain a separate network from the Chapels). EB/TW/TW-N are "Careful" Brethren (similar to OB Halls), and BC are (generally) independent community churches with early or indirect PB influence, and will (usually) not consider themselves "Brethren"). AA/CA refers to assemblies of African or Caribbean origin, or predominant demographic, although all ethnicities are overly welcome in any assemblies.

The above primer link expands on the abbreviations, and also contains introduction to this (and other) sheets within the overall History. There have been scores of branches with their own distinctive networks and strengths within the history of the PB, and many branches continue to flourish today, and while no assembly or gathering is identical to the others, each is thought to maintain a fervent desire for simplicity in gathering around the Lord Jesus, though practices and secondary doctrines may vary culturally and/or preferentially as autonomous (yet inter-dependent) local churches.

Assemblies are sorted geographically, and will, D.V., eventually have further history within. Red links on Brethrenpedia are presently undeveloped, and blue links contain data. Appreciate patience with our progress, and if you'd like to help, please contact any of the editing team, preferably via social media.

North Maine

Aroostook County


  • Limestone gospel work (OB) 1966
    • LOI 1966-2: Christians Seek Fellowship and Help: "In the Dec. LOI were listed some places where isolated Christians seek fellowship and help in evangelism. Following are a few more such places. Readers who might be in a position to give encouragement and help in any of these places are invited to write to Letters of Interest, Assembly Contact Dept., 127 S. Wacker Dr., Chicago, Ill. 60606.
  • Loring AFB fellowship, ME (OB) 1968+
    • LOI 1968-11: "Major and Mrs. Robert Cowan have recent been assigned to Loring Air Force Base in Aroostook County, Me. Since they know of no assemblies in this part of the state, they would be happy to entertain any Christian couples or single military men who seek Christian fellowship and hospitality."


  • Valley Bible Chapel, ME (OB) 1991-2020+
    • Christians Gathered Unto the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ 1991; Madawaska Gospel Hall 1992-2009; Madawaska Gospel Church 2010+; Valley Gospel Chapel +2013-2016+
  • Madawaska gospel work (OB) 1966
    • LOI 1966-8: Howard Forbes (Arvida, Quebec): "Samuel Coppieters and the Christians at Granby were encouraged recently by the baptism of a woman. She had been interested in the Gospel for some time; confined to bed for two or three days, she read Billy Graham's book Peace with God in French (La Paix Avec Dieu) and received assurance of her salvation. For a week I visited the Christians in Temiscouata county east of Riviere-du-Loup, at Edmunston in New Brunswick, and had a long conversation with a French speaking woman at Madawaska in the state of Maine with John Clark. Most of these Christians have been saved by the visits of Mr. Clark, but they are scattered and there is no assembly..."

St. Francis

  • St. Francis gospel work (OB) 1968
    • LOI 1968-11: Cyril Shontoff, R.R. 2, Lennoxville, Quebec: "Some 50 miles from Pied-du-Lac, John Clark and I preached the Gospel in this predominantly Catholic town of French descent. After the third message, the proprietor of the Post Office informed us that we did not have her permission to do this. A crowd of 20 to 30, mostly young people, listened attentively and respectfully to the Gospel, and waved us a friendly goodbye as we left."

Piscataquis County


Southeast Maine

Penobscot County




Washington County

East Machias



Southwest Maine

Androscoggin County


Cumberland County (Portland metro)



  • Gorham gospel work (OB) 1926
    • see Windham


  • Gray gospel work (OB) 1976
    • Words in Season 1976-1: Bryn Mawr, PA: "Conference here, the week following, we heard was quite well attended with a goodly number of His servants present to help. Meetings going on in Torrington, Conn, and Hatboro, Pa., saw some interest. Bre. John McCracken and David Oliver hoped to visit district of Gray, Maine."


  • Naples gospel work (OB) 1953
    • LOI 1953-6: Clark McClelland (Westbrook, ME): "Gospel meetings in the town hall at Naples, Maine were begun by brother McClelland on May 10. Friday night meetings for young people and use of the "Two Roads" chart are features of these meetings."


  • Portland gospel work (OB) 1881, 1883, 1887, 1950, 1956
    • LOI 1945-6: Living Biography: Another Pioneer: William P. Douglas

"Leaving Sutton, we went to Stouffville, not far distant and had a few meetings there. The Hamilton Conference being close at hand, we attended it in January, 1881. It was the first conference I ever attended and I retain most savory and happy recollections of it. The preaching brethren were Mr. Donald Ross, James Goodfellow, John Smith, John Bain, A. McKellar, T.D.W. Muir, John Grimason, and John M. Carnie.

Returning home to New York for a short visit, I afterward went to Boston, where I met and joined our brother John Martin. Together we went to Portland, Maine, for meetings. Later on we had tent meetings in Lawrence, and Lowell, Mass."

    • Barley Cake 1883-3: "Bro. Martin is at Portland, Maine and is looking for additional help. He is having a word in the open air before going into the hall."
    • Barley Cake 1887-3: "John Martin is in New England, probably at this time in the State of Maine, where some doors have been opened."
    • T&T 1950-4: North New Portland, Maine: "F. Elliott and John McCracken saw the Lord's Hand in some conversions. The latter is returning to Madison district for a few weeks as the Lord may lead."
    • T&T 1956-6: "J. McCracken and R. McIlwaine returned from meetings in Portland, Maine, and sowed the seed in various places in that needy State."


  • Windham gospel work (OB) 1926
    • Our Record 1926-9: Windham, Maine: "Brn. Dickson and Thorpe have moved their tent to this place and will likely remain for balance of season. They are having better attendance than at Gorham."
    • Letters of Interest 1947-1: Hugh Cameron Thorpe by John T. Dickson

"In 1924 and 1925, brother Thorpe and I were together again in tent work in Brockton, Mass., and a few souls were saved during those two seasons. In 1926, we pitched a tent in Windham, Maine, and continued all summer. There was a good interest among the children. In this work, brother Thorpe excelled. The children's meetings increased. There were a few souls saved as the result of that effort. In 1927 Mr. Thorpe had the joy of visiting his old field of labor in Barbados, British West Indies, and his ministry was greatly appreciated. He went on to South America where his visit was a cheer to the missionaries, some of whom had very little outside help, ministering to their little flock for years without a furlough."


  • Bethany Gospel Hall, ME (OB) 1916-1983+
    • Main Street Gospel Hall +1926-1927+
    • @ 538 Main St. +1926-1927+
    • c/o H.F. Stultz, 51 Lamb St., Cumberland Mills 1916-1927+
    • 1926 USCoRB indicates that they had 40 in fellowship, and the hall was privately owned, with $520.00 in expenditures.

Franklin County

New Sharon


Kennebec County



  • Gardiner gospel work (OB) 1949
    • LOI 1949-8: James McCullough was reported as having tent meetings scheduled in Gardner (sic?), ME.


  • Oakland gospel work (OB) 1952
    • T&T 1952-10: Oakland, Maine: "James McCullough writes that he and S. Rea have seen a few saved in tent work in Oakland near Waterville, Me. For six years they have had the tent in different places in this state, and the work has been growing slowly but steadily. (It is the steady work that counts with lasting fruit; this is an example to younger men to get into new ground and plod on)."


  • Readfield gospel work (OB) 1951
    • T&T 1951-3: Readfield, Maine: "John McCracken and F.H. Elliott are seeing some interest in house meetings."


  • Winthrop gospel work (OB) 1951
    • T&T 1951-8: Winthrop, Maine: "James McCullough and S. Rea are pitching their tent here. They had a night at Debert, N.S.."
    • T&T 1951-9: Winthrop, Maine: "J. McCullough And S. Rea pitched a Gospel tent and were encouraged by seeing a nice number of strangers coming in this new place. Pray for blessing."

Knox County


Oxford County


Sagadahoc County (Portland metro)


  • Bath gospel work (OB) 1930
    • Our Record 1930-6: "Glen Head, N.Y.: Br. W.H. Hunter (51 Huttlestone Ave., Fairhaven, Mass.) has been here and was able to help in the regular meetings of the Assembly here. He had a couple of weeks in April at Westbrook, Maine. It is thought that a tent may be pitched at Bath, Maine if the Lord sends laborers. It is a city of 9,000."
    • Our Record 1930-9: "Bath, Maine: Brn. W.H. Hunter and J. Blackwood are here in a tent. It is about 40 miles from Westbrook, Me., where they go for Lord's day mornings. Some of God's people are coming in, as well as unsaved ones. It is hoped they may be helped on in God's ways."

Somerset County


  • Canaan gospel work (OB) 1957
    • T&T 1957-10: Canaan, Maine: "J. McCullough is feeling better in health and has been able to give help in tent meetings in this place."


  • Fairfield gospel work (OB) 1953
    • T&T 1953-8: "J. McCullough and S. Rea have pitched a tent in a new place. This is the 7th successive year that they have been in new places in this area. Bro. McCullough writes, "while new work has its own peculiar difficulties, yet we have the joy of knowing we are not building on another man's foundation." A.W. Joyce, editor, adds, "This is an example which many younger preachers might do well to follow. Those who have known the difficulties and joys referred to have learned lessons and proved God in a way that will never be known by those whose time is spent mostly going from assembly to assembly."
    • T&T 1953-9: "J. McCullough and S. Rea had their tent pitched here; some unsaved attended but not a settled interest. They expected to try another place.""


New Anson

  • New Anson gospel work (OB) 1950
    • LOI 1950-9: McCullough & Rea: "These brethren are preaching under canvas in a new place in Maine called North Ausom. They know no one in the little town so it is a real pioneer effort. This is the fourth year for tent meetings in this part of Maine. Blessing from these past efforts have resulted in an assembly being formed in Madison, Maine. The Christians are growing in grace and in the knowledge of the Word."
    • spelled "New Ausom" in the article


  • Norridgewock gospel work (OB) 1957
    • Truth & Tidings 1957-6: "John McCracken joined L.K. McIlwaine in house meetings in which there is some interest. Robert McIlwaine returned to P.E.I..


York County (Portland metro)

Old Orchard

  • Old Orchard gospel work (OB) 1939

Letters of Interest 1939-8: June 27, 1939: James Lyttle of Yonkers, N.Y.: "For the past few weeks we have sought to proclaim the Gospel in Old Orchard, Maine. This is a town on the coast and like many such parts of Maine it is without any assembly testimony. There are a number of saints there and part of the ministry we gave was to get the ears of such, so that we might later see them led out to the Lord's Name to meet according to His Word.

Brother Halliday came to work with the tent for a few more weeks. I have left those parts to spend some time in the Mountains of New York state in order that we might reach a number of towns with the Gospel. We usually begin by having open air meetings and using the loud speaker. By this means we are able to test the various places, and where we get the best interest we stay and work as the Lord enables us. A number of such places are on the list now. It is a great pleasure to carry the message of light where we know the people to be in darkness."


  • Misc. (OB) Maine ministry reports
    • Our Record 1930-2: F. Thisse, 1006 E. Hillsboro, Tampa, Fla.: "We had a happy time here January 1st. Weather was beautiful and a company of us gathered by the river, a few miles from the city, to sing God's praise and read His Word. Brn. N. McConnell of Butler, Pa.; D. Sutherland of Belleville, Ont.; J. Heap of Maine, were with us, the Lord gave His blessing. In the evening we met at the Gospel Hall for Bible reading and prayer. We are glad to welcome any true servants of God, who come to help us."
    • Assembly Annals 1936-6: Correspondent's Address: Brockton, Mass.: Mr. Ernest E. Piers having gone to reside in Maine, the address of the correspondent for the Brockton assembly is now Mr. George F. Piers, 29 Perkins Ave., Campello, Mass."
    • Assembly Annals 1950-1: The Editor on the Radio: "For several months the editor of Assembly Annals has ministered the word over the Radio program sponsored by the assemblies in the Chicago area. Many letters are received by the sponsors telling of their appreciation of this ministry and we feel sure those of our readers who are able to get this program will want to profit by this added ministry. Mr. Peter J. Pell, Jr. may be heard each Lord's Day afternoon at 5 P.M. Central Standard Time over WCFL - 1000 KC., Chicago. Letters received tell that this program can be heard throughout the midwestern states, and as far east as Maine
    • Letters of Interest 1951-12: Frank H. Elliott:

"On July 23, as a result of a brain tumor which all treatments failed to help, Br. Elliott went to be with the Lord he had loved and faithfully served. He had spent the preceding winter in Maine, seeing much blessing, and after the Easter conference in Moncton had three weeks of meetings in Nova Scotia. On his way to the upper part of New Brunswick to begin a series of gospel meetings he became suddenly ill and God changed the plans which had been made.

While in the hospital just before his homegoing, he spoke of the many small, out-of-the-way places to which he had hoped to carry the gospel, displaying the true spirit of the servant until the very end. Br. Elliott is survived by his widow, Mrs. Mary Elliott, of Wallace, Nova Scotia."

    • Truth & Tidings 1955-5: Maine, U.S.A.: "J. McCracken and Sam Eadie had some Gospel meetings and ministry in various places and expected to be at the Manchester conference before returning to N.S."
    • LOI 1965-2: Comments Appreciated: "The last report of returns to the 1964 LOI Annual Survey follows. States and provinces which did reach and surpass the number of returns forecast in the November issue are starred. A total of 3,255 returns were predicted. By Dec. 31, 2,496 were received, or a little more than thirteen percent of a total home circulation of 18,875. The difference of 759 may yet have been met or passed during January. This does not include foreign circulation. Comments, criticisms, suggestions, etc., from those who could not write during the seasons of holiday preparation are received with thankful appreciation.
      • LOI Circulation: Maine: 18
      • Survey Response by 12/31/64: Maine: 5 (reached or surpassed forecast)
    • Letters of Interest 1966:6-7: "While doing visitation in Maine, Everett Batchelder and Paul Shaw talked with people who are seeking truth, and with believers who are very interested in knowing more about the way the assemblies meet. Among the latter were a good number of young people."
    • Letters of Interest 1966-12: Isolated Christians, Maine, Grateful for Help:

"Arthur Dewhurst of North Reading, Mass., spent two nights giving help to isolated Christians in Maine. Expressions of thankfulness encourage him to continue such labor. He had four studies with a group of believers in northern Maine who are receptive to Scriptural teaching, using the Egypt to Canaan chart, and visitation afforded further opportunity to speak of scriptural truths.

One of the persons who was reached for Christ at the New Hampshire fair was a young student, confused after his first year of studies. He professed faith in Christ on the last day of the fair, and has since witnessed confidently to unsaved friends and given answers from the Scripture to Christians suffering doubts. Mr. Dewhurst reported that the BAHAI cult is active at the fairs and the workers occasionally have to contend with it. He requested prayer as they follow through on some of the contacts made at fairs."

    • Words in Season 1967-11: Newfoundland: "In Templeman our brethren who labor here have seen the Lord's hand this past summer, brother Gustafson of Maine has been helping Gaius Goff and others in these parts."
    • Words in Season 1976-11: Midland Park, N.J.: "The baptism of Ted Chambers brought joy during the present conference. Bre. Oliver and Gene Higgins hoped to return to Maine to follow up. The latter expected to visit East Aurora, N.Y. later, D.V."