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  • William Craig Baynes 1856-1887 Secretary @ McGill
  • Dr. David Dawson - present Associate Professor of Medicine at McGill University; Attending physician at the MUHC; Chief of Service of a clinical teaching unit. Chair of the Physicianship Coordinating Committee which manages multiple undergraduate courses on professionalism, communication and healing across the four years of medical school including the Osler Program. Elder 1999-2020+ @ Rosemount Bible Church, formerly Ebenezer Gospel Hall/Chapel.
  • Sir John William Dawson 1855-1893 Principal @ McGill; studied @ Edinburgh University 1840's; appointed Nova Scotia's first superintendent of education 1850-1853;
  • Dr. Lancelot Thomas Hogben - 1925-1927 Asst. Prof. of Medical Zoology; Born 1895 to PB evangelist Thomas Hogben and his wife Margaret Alice Prescott Hogben in Portsmouth, Swansea, UK. Left the PB early in life, described self as a "scientific humanist". Pioneer of comparative (and evolutionary) physiology in zoology. Helped found the Society for Experimental Zoology. Invented standard (for 15 years) pregnancy test. Published in 1936 "Mathematics for the Million" which sold over a half million copies; Grad. University of London & Cambridge; Lecturer zoology @ Birbeck College 1917-1918; Co-founded (with Haldane, Julian Huxley and Crew) the Journal of Experimental Biology in 1926, financed partly by H.G. Wells. Chair in zoology @ University of Cape Town 1927-1929; London School of Economics 1929+; Developed the African Clawed Frog as a model organism for biological research; Mason Professor of Zoology @ University of Birmingham 1941-1947; First vice-chancellor @ University of Guyana 1963-1964; Died 1975.


  • George Mercer Dawson part-time student 1868 attending lectures in English, Chemistry & Geology; Grad @ Royal School of Geology 1872; D.Sc. Princeton 1877; L.L.D. Queen's University 1890; McGill University 1891; University of Toronto 1899; served Geological Survey of Canada 1875-1895 when appointed Director; President @ Royal Society of Canada 1893; President @ Geological Section of the British Assoc. for the Advancement of Science in Toronto; Awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Geographic Society in 1897; President @ Geological Society of America 1896;
  • William Bell Dawson BA 1874 @ McGill; then studied @ Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees @ Paris; Engineer @ Dominion Bridge Company 1882-1884; Asst. Engineer @ Canadian Pacific Railway 1884; Director @ Dominion Survey of Tides and Currents 1884-1924; Born 1854, died 1944;
  • Dr. Joseph Shier Doupe Civil Engineer grad 1861; Born 1838; Joined the MB & NW Terr. Survey in 1871; Founding member @ MB Scientific & Historical Society in 1879; Private practice in 1893; Correspondent @ Winnipeg Meeting Room 1891-1910;
  • Norman John Fillman Masters in Com. Engineering 1946; (1920-2010)
  • Dr. Marc Foggin - Ph.D. @ McGill; Conservation Biologist @ University of Central Asia; Founder & Director @ Canadian NGO Plateau Perspectives;
  • Dr. Peter Foggin - Ph.D. Urban Geography @ McGill 1970;
  • Dr. Tim Foggin - MD @ McGill; Physician and Director for East Asia in Shanghai for Advance Medical
  • Brett Grainger - BA 1995 - grandparents PB; authored In The World Not Of It: One Family's Militant Faith and the History of Fundamentalism in America
  • Elisha Stiles Lyman BA of Civil Law 1865 @ McGill after graduating Yale University in 1862; son of Wm. & Caroline (Williams) Lyman. Born 1841 in Montreal; Sr. member of Lyman & McNabb, hardware merchant; Pastor @ Congregational Church at Newmarket, Ontario, then joined the PB, serving as an itinerant in England 1881-1882, Newfoundland 1895-1896, elsewhere throughout North America. Died Nov. 9, 1907 in Albuquerque, NM.
  • Robert MacJannet - grad McGill; Baptist pastor then PB evangelist;