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Nathaniel Stovel was born Aug. 11, 1847 in St. George, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, England, the youngest of six children, to William and Mary (Carr) Stovel. His parents were Baptist, but had become Brethren by ca. 1861, where they were presumably in fellowship with the Guelph Meeting Room, an Exclusive Brethren assembly, which may be where they were introduced to the Brethren. This presumption is based on the fact that both Nathaniel and his brother Edward served in leadership within Exclusive assemblies.


William Stovel (1803-1870)

Nathaniel's father, William, was born Dec. 10, 1803 in Goodwood, Sussex, England to William (d. 1858) and Elizabeth Jane Selanders Stovel (1777-1856). There seems on to have been a possible christening at Dr. Daniel Williams' Library in London, that same year. Williams was a famous Presbyterian theologian.

First Marriage

On Nov. 13, 1868 Nathaniel married Margaret Rutherford Lilly in Fergus, Wellington, Ontario. On Sept. 11, 1869, their first son was born, Nathaniel Hamilton Carr Stovel (1869-1908) in Wellington, Ontario, followed by Roland Charles Stovel (1872-1944), also born in Wellington, as was their first daughter, Maybell Margaret Lilly Stovel (1875-1950). On Oct. 15, 1877, their fourth child Victor Hall Stovel was born in Hamilton, Ontario, and facts have not shown what circumstances may have arisen that the family was living in Winnipeg in 1879, as he is listed as a correspondent for the Winnipeg Meeting Room. On Feb. 28, 1880 his wife Margaret died in Guelph, and Nathaniel continued living there thru 1881.

Second Marriage

On June 30, 1882, Nathaniel remarried Elizabeth Norris (1851-1901) in Perth, Ontario, and three more children were born in Stratford, Perth, Ontario: Gertrude (b. 1884), Mamie (b. 1886), and Harold (1887-1944). In Oct. of 1901, his second wife Elizabeth died, and Nathaniel remained in Stratford thru that year.

Third Marriage

On Dec. 31, 1902, Nathaniel remarried Mary Fenwick (b. 1859) in Toronto, York, Ontario, and it is presumed he continued to live in Stratford, although he had moved to nearby Perth by 1911. In February of 1908, his eldest son Nathaniel died, and was buried in Omaha, Nebraska. In July of 1918, his fourth child Victor died, and was buried in Lincoln, Nebraska.


On Jan. 9, 1930 Nathaniel died on 46 Noel Ave., Toronto, Ontario. It is unclear when his third wife died.


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