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See Branches of Plymouth Brethren to explain abbreviation types (although in short: OB (& TW-P) are Halls & Chapels within the "open brethren" (although GH's (generally) maintain a separate network from the Chapels). EB/TW/TW-N are "Careful" Brethren (similar to OB Halls), and BC are (generally) independent community churches with early or indirect PB influence, and will (usually) not consider themselves "Brethren").  AA/CA refers to assemblies of African or Caribbean origin, or predominant demographic, although all ethnicities are overly welcome in any assemblies.

The above primer link expands on the abbreviations, and also contains introduction to this (and other) sheets within the overall History. There have been scores of branches with their own distinctive networks and strengths within the history of the PB, and many branches continue to flourish today, and while no assembly or gathering is identical to the others, each is thought to maintain a fervent desire for simplicity in gathering around the Lord Jesus, though practices and secondary doctrines may vary culturally and/or preferentially as autonomous (yet inter-dependent) local churches.

Assemblies are sorted geographically, and will, D.V., eventually have further history within. Red links on Brethrenpedia are presently undeveloped, and blue links contain data. Appreciate patience with our progress, and if you'd like to help, please contact any of the editing team, preferably via social media.

Central NH

Grafton County



Merrimack County



Northern NH

Hillsborough County



  • Manchester Gospel Hall, NH (OB) +1926-1927+
    • @ 19 N. Main St. +1926-1927+
    • c/o Thomas N. Chalmers @ 21 N. Main St.
    • 1926 USCoRB indicates there were 13 in fellowship (5 men, 8 women), including 3 S.S. teachers presiding over 10 students, totaling 23. as well as 10 S.S. students (with 3 teachers). They spent $218.48 on Hall expenditures, and $265.00 on the Lord's work, totaling $483.78.


Southern NH

Cheshire County


Rockingham County