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Types of Open Assemblies

In the United States, there are three basic circles of open assemblies (or churches with assembly background or influence), with various subgroupings.  With exceptions to this rule, they typically bear many similarities with one another with practical differences respective of biblical autonomy of individual assemblies.   

There are also many Chapels that have renamed or rebranded themselves without using "Chapel" in the name, but retain all the same characteristics, not to mention more than a few Halls who resemble more of a Chapel-like structure.  Further, there are many "Bible Churches" that are essentially Halls or Chapels, minus the title.

Needed Truth is a division from the Open Brethren on account of a periodical by the same name that circulated among the Open Brethren starting in 1888, which evolved from discussions starting in 1883. They exist presently in the primary form as Needed Truth Brethren, also known as Churches of God.

Open Brethren 1826-present

Exclusive Groups with Open Brethren Roots

Needed Truth 1883-present

Former Groups

Current Groups