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Robert Andrew Sherrard was born Mar. 21, 1896 in Limavady, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, to William John Sherrard and Elizabeth Dickson Sherrard.  His parents were employed in farming. His father passed away on May 8, 1899 when he was 33, and Robert was a toddler, and the family moved to Keady, Londonderry.  


  • Hannah Jane Sherrard McIntosh (1890-1956) married Joseph McIntosh in 1915, she died in Letterloan, Mocosquin, NIR; Identified as Brethren as early as 1911.
  • William Sherrard II (1892-1973) died in Coleraine, Londonderry, NIR; Identified as Brethren as early as 1911.
  • James H. Sherrard (1894-)
  • Lily Matilda Sherrard (1899-1956) died in NIR

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Robert's parents raised their children Presbyterian, according to a 1901 NIR census.  He was in fellowship with assemblies in Detroit, including the old West Chicago Assembly, MI where his wife was saved in 1930.  Robert was said to be a good friend of Harold Paisley.  Robert's son, Robert James Sherrard co-founded the San Jose Gospel Chapel.


In 1914, Robert traveled with his brother James via Liverpool, England to Quebec, Canada.


On June 12, 1917, Robert enlisted in the U.S. Army at the age of 21 to serve in World War One, while maintaining a British citizenship.  He was honorably discharged on May 15, 1919.


When Robert registered for the WWI draft in 1917 he was employed as a Conductor for the Detroit United Railway (D.U.R.) primarily serving the Detroit & Highland Park Railways, as a streetcar system. D.U.R., altogether, operated more than 400 miles of interurban lines and 187 miles of street city railway lines. Robert continued this as a career into the 1930's, becoming a bus driver by 1940.


Robert setup residence by 1917 at 182 Candler, Highland Park, Michigan where he raised his family until moving to Detroit in the early 1930's.


Robert married Elizabeth Anne Houghton in Highland Park, Michigan on Sept. 22, 1920 when he was 24 years old, and Elizabeth was 28. Elizabeth was born on Oct. 3, 1891 in Cloonboygher, Leitrim, Ireland.  Click on Elizabeth's profile to see her obits from Words in Season, as well as Truth & Tidings.


By 1951, the family had moved to Glendale, California.



Robert's mother died in 1940 while still living in Limavady, Londonderry, Northern Ireland at the age of 81. His wife passed away on Feb. 27, 1977 in Orange, California at the age of 85, after 56 years of marriage. Robert died April 8, 1982 in Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles, California and buried in Fullerton, California.


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