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Peterson history

Thorold is on the southern edge of St. Catharines. It was to that city that Ross McIntee and John Funk, both in fellowship at the Queenston Street Gospel Hall, came in 1949 for open-air Gospel meetings. There they contacted Christians such as William Wilkie and his wife Lorene and her mother Mrs. Hughes, who had a small Sunday School there. These invited Messrs. McIntee and Funk to take over their work. They turned the work into a Thursday night children’s meeting. From that beginning, a Sunday School and Sunday night Gospel meeting developed, with many others helping; the Lord saved many during this time.

A building was constructed and in 1966 an assembly was formed, called Thorold South Gospel Chapel. The original elders were Gordon Bye, Ross McIntee, William Wilkie, and Jack Trotter. Others in leadership over the years include Ben Andress, Malcom Lowrie, and Larry Jane. The assembly has kept the same name and meets at the same location at 319 Davis Street since its inception. Thorold South Gospel Chapel has commended workers to assembly planting and itinerant preaching in Canada and the U.S. About 75 persons are in the assembly.