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Philip Edward Mackenzie, Sr.

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[[Philip Edward Mackenzie Sr.]] served in leadership from 1879 thru at least 1894 with the [[London Meeting Room, ON|London Meeting Room]], which is one of four of the longest running assemblies in Ontario, Canada, associated with the Tunbridge Wells, a notable Darbyite group primarily in North America, associated with Bible Truth Publishers in Addison, Illinois.

Philip was born about 1835.

=Marriage and Children=
He married Elizabeth Strickland, who was born about 1840. They had several children:

* Dr. [[Alexander Felstead Mckenzie]] (1865-1954) married Margaret Pake (1864-1961), daughter of Susan. They raised their children as Presybterian. They had one son:
** Kenneth George McKenzie (1892-1964) died in Toronto. Married Irene Evelyn Biette (1891-1986). Children:
*** Jean Marie McKenzie (b. 1918 Toronto)
*** Dorothy McKenzie (b. 1919 Toronto)
* Clara Mackenzie (b. 1868)
* Philip E. Mackenzie (b. 1872) married Agnes S. (b. 1874), relocated by 1911 to Saskatoon, SK and practicing Anglican.
* May Mackenzie (b. 1875)
* Maud Mackenzie (b. 1875)

In 1881, the following servants worked in the Mackenzie household:

* William Langley (b. 1795, Baptist), born in Ireland, widowed.
* Ellen Boxall (b. 1844, Independent Christian) was born in England.
* Elizabeth McDougald (b. 1858, Disciples of Christ), Scotch, born in Ontario.

He served as an attorney for what became Magee, McKillop, Murphy & Mackenzie, a law office in London.