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Edward Charles Barry Featherstonhaugh

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[[Edward Charles Barry Featherstonhaugh]] , aka E.C.B. Featherstonhaugh, was born in 1851 in Guelph, [[Ontario]] to parents who emigrated that year (1851) from Westmeath, Ireland. He received his education at Guelph Grammar School.
In 1866, at the age of 15, E.C.B. worked for the general store of M. Shewan of Guelph. Eventually he served on the staff of the Gore Bank in Guelph, and the Bank of Toronto, and of Sutherland, Hardie & Fleming in Montreal.
From 1876 until he retired in 1935, he was involved with the wholesale dry goods firm of S. Greenshields, Son & Company, later Greenshields Ltd., of which he served as its president from 1917 until when its stock was sold to Greenshields-Hodgson-Racine, Ltd. in 1933.
He married Janet Cross Phillips, the daughter of Dr. George H. Phillips of Prescott, [[Ontario]].
Their children were all born and died in Montreal. Four grandsons returned from active service in the Canadian fighting forces in WWII.
* Dr. Edward P. Featherstonhaugh
He died suddenly on a Thursday evening on October 4, 1945 at his residence at 1455 Drummond Street, Montreal, at the age of 94. His wife predeceased him in 1927. [[File:ECB_Fetherstonhaugh.jpg|400x612px]]
* Montreal: "The Gazette", Oct. 6, 1945; p. 14 via [,0.08376172,0.2678351,0.54846466&xid=3355&_ga=2.69145681.1510694415.1600647464-1684511360.1600647464#]