Sydenham Place Meeting Room, QC

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Sydenham Place Meeting Room, QC may be the first assembly in Quebec, possibly the first in Canada.


William Craig Baynes was born in Quebec City, QC in 1809, where his father, Lieut.-Col. Edward Baynes was adjutant general to British forces in America. His father retired in 1816 to England as a major-general, and the family moved with him. He earned his BA at Cambridge University in 1836, then while sitting in a carriage his friend dropped dead next to him, and it shook him, and he became a PB evangelist in 1837. In 1843, he and his wife settled in Kingsey Falls to farm lands inherited by his father, and it is said that he "was more interested in evangelizing than farming" and soon "on the verge of financial ruin".

It is presumed that he broke bread with his family in their home in Kingsey Falls, he relocated to Montreal in 1856 after taking a position as secretary at McGill University, a post he held until his death in 1887. He is also credited as the founder of what is now Newman Place Christian Assembly in Montreal.

By 1878, the assembly's contact was George Pope, and was meeting in Kingsey, and by 1889 in nearby Sydenham Place. The assembly continued thru at least 1894.


  • Kingsey Falls Assembly (OB?) 1843-1848; (EB) 1848-1856+
  • Kingsey Meeting Room (EB) +1878-1879+
  • Sydenham Place Meeting Room ?-1894+