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See Branches of Plymouth Brethren to explain abbreviation types (although in short: OB (& TW-P) are Halls & Chapels within the "open brethren" (although GH's (generally) maintain a separate network from the Chapels). EB/TW/TW-N are "Careful" Brethren (similar to OB Halls), and BC are (generally) independent community churches with early or indirect PB influence, and will (usually) not consider themselves "Brethren").  AA/CA refers to assemblies of African or Caribbean origin, or predominant demographic, although all ethnicities are overly welcome in any assemblies.

The above primer link expands on the abbreviations, and also contains introduction to this (and other) sheets within the overall History. There have been scores of branches with their own distinctive networks and strengths within the history of the PB, and many branches continue to flourish today, and while no assembly or gathering is identical to the others, each is thought to maintain a fervent desire for simplicity in gathering around the Lord Jesus, though practices and secondary doctrines may vary culturally and/or preferentially as autonomous (yet inter-dependent) local churches.

Assemblies are sorted geographically, and will, D.V., eventually have further history within. Red links on Brethrenpedia are presently undeveloped, and blue links contain data. Appreciate patience with our progress, and if you'd like to help, please contact any of the editing team, preferably via social media.


Central East TX

Anderson County


  • Palestine Gospel Hall, TX (OB) +1904-1927+
    • @ Tennessee Ave & Louisiana St. +1904+
    • c/o William H. Smith @ 515 N. Sycamore St. +1927+
      • 1935 worked in fruits @ 114 W. Oak, living at 515 N. Sycamore
      • wife: Dollie
    • Palestine Daily Herald
      • From Feb. 9th thru Dec. 17, 1904 on Saturdays, starting on Feb. 9th: Gospel Hall: "There will be preaching at the Gospel Hall, corner of Tennessee Ave. and Louisiana streets, every Sunday night at 7:30 o'clock. Everybody invited to attend."
      • 4-9-1904: Gospel Meetings: "T.C. Bush, Evangelist of Waxahachie, Texas, will begin a series of Gospel meetings at the Gospel hall, corner Tennessee Avenue and Louisiana street, tonight at 7:30 to continue through next week. All are cordially invited to these services."
      • 4-11-1904: "Meeting tonight at the gospel hall, and nightly through this week. Preaching by T.C. Bush of Waxahachie. Subject for tonight, the two must be's of the 3rd of John. The Lord Jesus said to one of the most moral and religious men of his day, "Ye must be born again". All are invited to these gospel services."
      • 4-12-1904: At the Gospel Hall: "At the Gospel Hall tonight the personal, pre-millennial coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, as "the Hope" of God's people, will be the subject. Preaching by T.C. Bush of Waxahachie. Come, and bring your bible with you. These meetings will be continued through this week."
      • 4-13-1904: Gospel Hall: "The meetings continue here with interest. Subject for tonight, 'The Deluge', and its bearing on the end of this present age, as foretold by the Lord Jesus in Luke 17: 'As it was in the days of Noah, even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed'. Preaching by T.C. Bush of Waxahachie. All are invited to these meetings."
      • 4-14-1904: Gospel Hall: "'The blood-sprinkled door in the land of Egypt gave both security and assurance to the Hebrew, and that too in the face of an awful impending doom for Egypt, a type of this world. So now the blood of Christ gives both security and assurance to those who really believe.' The above will be the subject at the hall tonight. Services conducted by T.C. Bush. Come and hear for yourselves.
      • 4-16-1904: Gospel Hall: "'And behold, the veil of the Temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom.' This statement, so pregnant with meaning, for Jew as well as Gentile, is given us by Saint Matthew, immediately after the Son of God, 'Yielded up the Ghost'. So the rent veil, and sinners, purged by this precious blood, brought into the immediate presence of God, 'by a new and living way', will be the subject at the Gospel hall tonight. Meeting also on Sunday night. Services conducted by T.C. Bush, evangelist of Waxahachie."
      • 5-20-1905: Tent Meeting: "Meetings begin tonight at the tent, corner Conrad and Coronoca streets. Services at 8 o'clock every night until further notice. Our aim is to preach the gospel, which we know to be the power of God, unto salvation, to every one that believeth. Services conducted by T.C. Bush of Waxahachie, Texas. Come and bring your bible with you."

Bell County (Killeen/Temple metro)


Brazos County (Bryan/College Station metro)


DFW Metro

Dallas County




Denton County


  • Denton Christian Fellowship (OB/TW-P) +1878/+1962/1992-2019+
  • Denton Meeting Room, TX (EB) +1878-1880+; (TW) +1962-1992; (TW-N) 1992-2016+
    • c/o Mrs. Isaac Langford +1880+ (no meeting)


Ellis County


  • Waxahachie Gospel Hall, TX (OB) +1904-1927+
    • c/o Thomas Chairs Bush +1904-1927+ (b. 1866 Lancaster, Garrard, KY - d. 1948 Waxahachie, TX), son of Dr. William N. Bush (b. 1835 Div. 66, Oglethorpe, GA - d. 1900 Lancaster, KY) & Osee Salters Bush (d. 1909 St. Louis, MO; Osee was a daughter of Gabriel Jones Salter (1808-1874), whose father, Michael Salter (1754-1846) served on as a musician in Hazen's Continental Regiment in the Revolutionary War.
      • lived @ 418 College St. +1927+
      • wife: Laura W. Bush (d. 1957 Burbank, CA), relocated to Burbank after T.C.'s death in 1948. Raleigh Smith, of Houston, officiated her memorial. Children: William Nathaniel Bush (b. 1900 Waxahachie, TX - d. 1998 Claremont, CA);

Hunt County


Navarro County


Palo Pinto County (Mineral Wells micro)


Tarrant County


Fort Worth

  • Fort Worth Gospel Hall, TX (OB) +1927+
    • c/o Dr. J.A. Gracey @ 515 S. Henderson St. +1927+
      • Dr. Joseph Archibald Gracey +1927-1930 (b. 1860 Tilbury West, Essex, ON - d. 1930 Ft. Worth, TX), son of John Gracey & Mary Gracey (b. 1816 Ireland).
        • wife: Mary Abbie Scott Gracey (b. 1861 - d. 1945), "for two decades a worker in the Christian Brethren Church, taught Sunday school and Bible study classes almost until the day of her death. Until four months ago she drove a car about the city in church visitation work and was known widely for her attention to the poor and ill."
          • married 1884 @ Wingham, Huron, Ontario, both Presbyterian at the time of their wedding. No children. Mary's brother, Walter B. Scott, was a Fort Worth attorney, and she had two sisters also there, Miss Katherine Scott & Mrs. Rufus J. Lackland, Sr.
        • grad. 1882 with his L.R.C.P. They moved to Fort Worth, TX in 1889 where he setup his physician practice, until sometime before WWI when they relocated to Waxahachie, then during WWI to Houston, where he served as physician for a shipbuilding concern, settling back in Fort Worth after the War.


Richland Hills

Texoma Region

Cooke County (Gainesville micro)

  • Gainesville Gospel Hall, TX (OB) +1927+
    • c/o Luby Moses Almon +1927+ (b. 1871 Heard Co., GA - d. 1969 Gainesville, TX), son of Hezekiah Gilford Almon (b. 1847 Heard Co., GA - d. 1920 Birmingham, AL) & Emily Teresa Davis Almon (b. 1851 Heard Co., GA - d. 1938 Milledgeville, Baldwin, GA);
      • wife: Eliza Katherine Newton Almon (b. 1881 TX - d. 1980 Gainesville, TX), dau. of Pvt. Rev. Charles Baker Newton (b. 1839 Sub. 23, McMinn, TN - d. 1929 J.P. 1, Cooke Co., TX) & Martha E. Brothers Newton (b. 1853 TX - d. 1933 Gainesville, TX); Charles enlisted in the Civil War with the Sixteenth Cavalry (Fitzhugh's Regt., Third Regt., Johnson's Brigade).

Grayson County (Sherman/Denison metro)


Wise County


  • Boyd Gospel Hall, TX (OB) +1927+
    • c/o Jefferson Davis "Jeff" Craft (b. 1867 Taylorsville, Smith, MS - d. 1932 Newark, Wise, TX]]), farmer, son of Corp. Joshua Bryant Craft (b. 1836 Simpson, MS - d. 1876 Taylorsville, Smith, MS) & Charity Pamelia Duckworth Craft (b. 1836 Taylorsville, Smith, MS - d. 1933 Wise County, TX)
      • wife: Minnie Ida Tribble Craft (1879-1949 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX), dau. of Elvis Houston Tribble (b. 1858 Mitchellville, Sumner, TN - d. 1949 Devol, Cotton, OK) & Louella Jane "Eller" Morris Tribble (b. 1862 Gleason, Weakley, TN - d. 1947 Devol, Cotton, OK)

Erath County


Freestone County


Hill County


McLennan County (Waco metro)


Panola County


Central West TX

Eastland County


El Paso County

  • Clint Gospel Hall, TX (OB) +1927+
    • c/o Robert Gregory Murphy (b. 1870 Springfield, Greene, AL - d. 1962 El Paso, TX]]), son of Dr. Robert Greer Murphy (b. 1837 Eutaw, Greene, AL - d. 1871 Springfield, Greene, AL) & Helen Gregory Murphy-Hammond (b. 1847 Beat 2, Butler County, AL - d. 1927 Robertson County, TX);

El Paso

  • El Paso Gospel Chapel, TX (OB) +1927-1938+
    • El Paso Gospel Hall +1927+; El Paso Gospel Chapel +1938+; El Paso Assembly of Grace Chapel +1945+;
    • @ 2231 Montana St. +1938-1945+
    • c/o Dr. S. King @ Two Republics Building +1927+
      • Dr. Samuel Franklin "Sam" King +1927-1938 (b. 1862 Precinct 4, Grayson, TX - d. 1938 El Paso, TX), son of James Henry King (b. 1830 Sumner County, TN - d. 1902 Whitewright, Fannin, TX) & Missouri Ann Jones King (b. 1831 Clinton County, MO - d. 1895 Whitewright, Fannin, TX)
        • lived @ Denver, CO +1903-1905; El Paso 1905-1938; J. Bruce Gilbert officiated his memorial at the "Gospel Chapel on Montana Street".
        • wife: Sarah L. "Sallie" Battle King +1927-1945 (b. 1861 Woodville, Jackson, LA - d. 1945 El Paso, TX)), dau. of Pvt. James Edward Battle (b. 1813 N.C. - d. 1880 McKinney, Collin, TX) & Sara Susanne Smith Battle (b. 1824 Columbia, Henry, AL - d. 1903 Madill, Marshall, OK; Sallie lived her early years in McKinney, TX; James D. Healey officiated her memorial. Sarah had a sister named Mary (b. 1853 Woodville, Jackson, LA - d. 1933 McKinney, TX) who married Albert G. Eakins (b. 1853 Div. 1, Henderson County, KY - d. 1939 McKinney, TX). Sallie was raised Methodist, her parents owned over 500 servants pre-Civil War.
          • Sam & Sallie were married in 1896 in Tarrant County, TX by the Rev. Junius Butler French (b. 1858 San Antonio, TX - d. 1918 Jacksonville, FL, then pastor of what is now St. Stephen Presbyterian Church (then known as Broadway PC), see BPC history, a mission church to the Southside of Ft. Worth, planted in 1884 by the First PC.
        • no children, nephew: Dr. Samuel R. King (El Paso, TX), niece: Mrs. Walter Templeton (Shawnee, OK)

Howard County

Big Spring

Scurry County


Northern TX

Floyd County


  • Lockney Gospel Hall, TX (OB) +1927+
    • c/o W.L. Cox
      • probably William Lewis Cox (b. 1855 Palestine, TX - d. 1941 Lockney, TX), son of Joshua Parmer Cox (b. 1824 Clinton, Laurens, S.C. - d. 1881 Corsicana, Navarro, TX) & Harriet Harrison May Cox (b. 1830 Hollow Square, Greene, AL - d. 1898);
        • wife: Dora McDowell Durham Cox (b. 1856 Richland Crossing, Navarro, TX - d. 1930 Lockney, TX), dau. of Lucian Homer Durham (b. 1834 Dist. 8, Fayette, TN - d. 1913 Eldorado, Jackson, OK) & Angeline Nash Durham (b. 1834 AL - d. 1888 Hopewell, Navarro, TX); Lucian was a merchant in 1870.

Hale County (Plainview micro)


  • Plainview Gospel Hall, TX (OB) +1927+
    • c/o William Bradford Cox +1927+ (b. 1883 Navarro, TX - d. 1972 Plainview, TX), son of William Lewis Cox of Lockney (1927) & Quanah (1904) Gospel Halls.
      • wife: Georgia Nola Cox (b. 1889 TX - d. 1957 Lockney, TX), dau. of Joe Potts (b. 1855 GA - d. 1936 Roswell, N.M.) & Elizabeth Mary "Lizzie" Bruce Potts (b. 1855 GA - d. 1930 Roswell, N.M.).

Hardeman County


Hutchinson County


Ochiltree County


Potter County (Amarillo metro


Wichita County (Wichita Falls metro)

Wichita Falls

South TX

Hidalgo County (McAllen/Edinburg/Mission metro)




Jim Wells County=


Zavala County

Crystal City

South Central TX

Austin / Round Rock metro

Travis County


San Antonio metro

Atascosa County


Bexar County

San Antonio

Comal County

New Braunfels

Wilson County




Schleicher County


  • Eldorado Gospel Hall, TX (OB) +1927+
    • c/o Joseph Bassett Christian (b. 1868 Drakesboro, Muhlenberg, KY - d. 1952 San Angelo, Tom Green, TX), son of John Wesley Christian (b. 1835 District 2, Todd, KY - d. 1891 Round Rock, Williamson, TX) & Rebecca Jane Stahl Christian (b. 1838 Barry County, MO - d. 1914 Hamilton County, TX);
      • wife: Nellie Velma Williams Elder-Christian (b. 1883 TX - d. 1974 Eldorado, TX), dau. of Martin Lemuel Williams (b. 1855 Beat 4, Bowie, TX - d. 1934 Precinct 2, McCulloch, TX) & Martha Ellen Miller Williams (b. 1867 Belton, Bell, TX - d. 1960 Brady, McCulloch, TX)
      • 1940 President @ National Bank

Southeast TX

Houston Metro

Harris County


  • Houston Gospel Hall, TX (OB) +1904-1927+
    • @ 2402 Louisiana +1927+
    • c/o Jos. Jamison +1904+;
    • c/o P.C. Doehring @ 2302 Louisiana St. +1927+
      • Paul Christoph Doehring (b. 1871 Millstadt, St. Clair, IL - d. 1941), son of Rev. Carl Frederich Doehring (b. 1825 Esslingen, Germany - d. 1883 Plum Hill, Washington, IL) & Ursula Zimmerman Doehring (b. 1841 Canton Schaffhausen, Switzerland - d. 1923 Chicago, Cook, IL). Paul was a jewelry store merchant.
        • 1st wife: Lula Belle Sweeney Doehring (b. 1881 - d. 1918 Houston, TX)
        • 2nd wife: Maria Roman Doehring (d. 1941 Houston, TX)

Liberty County


Montgomery County


The Woodlands

Walker County