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Years refer to existence in North America

  • Brethren I = Grant Brethren 1884-1936
    • From the 1920's thru the mid-1930s many of their urban assemblies had become Open; the remainder had formed Brethren VII and Brethren VIII. Their historic publishing house, Loizeaux Brothers, now of Neptune, N. J., the activities of which three generations of the same family have directed since 1876, became Open at this time.
  • Brethren II = Open Brethren 1848-present
  • Brethren III = Kelly-Lowe-Continental 1881-present
  • Brethren IV = PBCC (Raven/Taylor/Symington/Hales Brethren) 1889-present
  • Brethren V = Tunbridge Wells 1909-present
    • largest Exclusive group in North America, withdrew from Brethren III in 1909, when they sided with the Tunbridge Wells assembly in a jurisdictional dispute in England.
  • Brethren VI = Glanton Brethren 1908-1970's
    • amalgamated with the KLC's.
  • Brethren VII = Mory Brethren 1928-1953
    • Left Brethren I in 1928, merged with Brethren III in 1953
  • Brethren VIII = Booth Brethren 1920's-1948
    • ex-Grant, merged with Brethren III?
  • Brethren IX = Ames Brethren 1949-present
  • Brethren X = Ex-Taylor Brethren 1972-present