Woolpit Christian Fellowship, Suffolk, England

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The first Brethren assembly in Suffolk County, England was constructed in 1841 in a location known then as Broacher's Green (now Broadgrass Green) near Woolpit, at what is now White Elm Road. It was referenced as "Christian Fellowship", as well as "Meeting Room". It appears to have closed after 1993. The property contains a graveyard.

Suffolk Returns From the Census of Religious Worship of 1851:

"335 PLYMOUTH BRETHREN'S ROOM, Broacher's Green. Called Plymouth Brethren but we disclaim any title. Erected 1841. Sittings 300. Present morning 110; afternoon 150; evening 40. Average morning 100. Remarks Christians meeting for worship in room herein named have no ordained or official minister but several of congregation preach Gospel of Christ, and this paper is signed by one who preaches. Signed J. Hughes Coxwell, no official character."