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Agnes Emma Mall was born March 6, 1905 in Aurora, Illinois. By 1930, she was still living at home with her brother Harry, and working in a laundromat, and by 1940 as an office clerk. The highest grade she completed was 8th grade. She was involved, along with her brother John and sister Barbara in the earliest days of Irving Park Gospel Hall, then Norwood Gospel Chapel. The middle name “Emma” was added by the editor, as her middle initial was “E”, and it was her grandmother’s first name. Corrections welcomed.

On Feb. 27, 1954, she married Leslie W. Kallberg. Leslie was born Oct. 26, 1905 in Hinsdale, Illinois, and died Jan. 2, 1966 in Chicago. Agnes died August of 1989, also in Chicago. She was one of the charter members of Irving Park Gospel Hall which became Norwood Gospel Chapel, as well as Portage Park Gospel Chapel. Norwood spawned several other Chicago area assemblies..

She was a daughter of Johann Georg Mall, and a sister of John George Mall, Sr. and Agnes Emma Mall. These siblings mentioned were also charter members of Irving Park Gospel Hall.