BW Charts

Biblical charts have been drawn and circulated among Brethren writers more widely than in any other group, I suppose. (Let it not be said that they originated the idea, however, for there is a chart of the Apocalypse in Joseph Mede's Works, and his Clavis Apocalypticae, first published in 1627, contained a folded diagram.) A.E. Booth is noted more for his chart, The Course of Time from Eternity to Eternity, than for any of his writings, which were all in pamphlet form. The chart and a manual by the same name are still available from Loizeaux Brothers. Sir Edward Denny's chart is also one of the more important ones.

A.J. Holiday's The Feasts of the Lord (Glasgow, n.d.) is accompanied by a chart. J.A. Savage's Scroll of Time is a long colored chart of significance, as is also Turner's Age after Age, Illustrated by a Prophetical Chart (London, n.d.). The second volume of Noel's History has a chapter on charts of the Brethren and facsimiles of some of them. A collection of Biblical, doctrinal, and prophetic charts is being developed at the Biola Library in La Mirada, California.

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