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There have been a number of theses and dissertations on the Brethren. One of the most important is:

  • Clarence Bass's The Doctrine of the Church in the Theology of J.N. Darby, with Special Reference to its Contribution to the Plymouth Movement (Ph. D., University of Edinburgh, 1952, xiii, 231 pp.) since published in book form (Eerdmans, 1960).
  • John Howard Goddard wrote his Th. D. dissertation at the Dallas Theological Seminary on The Contribution of John Nelson Darby to Soteriology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology (1948). Material that he had collected on the other divisions of theology is in the form of graduate seminary theses and are in his possession.
  • In the University of Chicago Swift Hall Library there is a thesis by Albert Arnal on Darby's view of the ministry (Le Ministere au Point de Vue Darbyste. Geneve, de Paris).
  • Howard E. Sturgeon wrote his Th.M. Thesis at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on The Life of John Nelson Darby (1957, vi, 66 pp.).

At least two more are in process as we go to print. Others can be turned up in American and European universities, but the subject indexing of these things is not good.

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