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The dispensations of God's dealings with mankind have been one of the significant features of Brethren theology from the beginning. The first volume of The Witness carried several articles on this subject, although none of them developed a system. Ada Habershon has written extensively on this subject, three of her titles being included in "The Dispensational Series."

A number of titles deal with the dispensations as a system, but is an interesting observation that the more important monographs on this subject are not by Brethren writers, and a number of them antedate Brethren by a considerable time, as demonstrated in my series of articles in Bibliotheca Sacra, 1943-46, republished with updated lists by Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, in 1965. Darby himself is ambiguous as to a specific system, and what appears to be his scheme is quite different from the sevenfold system popularized by Scofield in his Reference Bible.

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